May 5, 2020

Alumni News – May 14, 2020

ALUMNI NEWS – MAY 14, 2020

Salute to Warrior Alumni Nurses and Teachers

Each May, our nation comes together to honor our hardworking nurses and teachers. Last week, CCS joined the U.S. Navy Blue Angels and parents and students across America in the tribute to these hardworking essential workers via our online social media platforms. We are thankful for their dedication, versatility, creativity and tireless efforts to serve us all year long and especially during this worldwide pandemic. They are a blessing to many.

CCS salutes these Alumni Medical Professionals: Meredith Achterkirch Johnson (’13), Lindsay Adam Santos (’08), Avery Barbisch (’15), John Brown (’09), Katherine Barnett Lopez (’07), Allie Borkovich George (’08), Katrina Boulter Streckert (’09), Lauren Cater Tilton (’15), Brian Chang (’06), Rachael Elkins Fredrich (’10), Makayla Frye (’16), Monika Graber (’03), Andrew Graber (’04), Whitney Green Marquardt (’07), Misty Jahnke Almodovar (’99), Lisa Langston Torres (’02), Shannen Longridge (’13), Kara Newcomer Shepherd (’01), Alyssa Ramsey (’16), Elena Ray (’12), Olivia Roberts Steinhauser (’14)

CCS salutes these Alumni Educators: April Adkins Walker (’02), Ashley Alford Vara (’03), Sarah Crawford (’05), Kayla Dornbusch Justice (’12), Mark Earhart (‘03), Leslie Follmar Creath (’99), Ashley Jenkins Sorbel (’05), Regan Kelsey (’14), Stephanie Lamb Rangel (’01), Rachael Lechman (’99), Dayna Longnecker Ingle (’09), Susan Mayes Alsobrooks (’01), John Mock (’12), Matthew Moore (’04), Lisa Moore Carnes (’08), Elizabeth Patterson Tews (’02), Kayla Regan Briseno (’01), Kit Rhea Sloan (’12), Stephanie Roberts Alban (’02), Holly Van Dyke Gibbs (’02), Jessica Van Rieg Gates (’06), Chelsea Vincent Denzler (’11), Charity White Gregory (’06), Kasey Witherow Goulart (’06), Kaitlin Wray Baca (’05),Samantha Yonan Alford (’04)

Due to widespread power outages and potential safety issues, school is CLOSED, and all activities are CANCELED tomorrow, Friday, May 17.

School will reopen on Monday, May 20. Updates will be sent by text and email, as needed. Please stay safe!