About CCS


The Cypress Christian Board of Directors and Administrators are honored to serve the Lord and serve Christian families in northwest Houston.

The Board of Directors set the educational and business policies of the school and the school’s President executes these policies while supervising the faculty and staff. The Senior Administration, which includes the President, work together to pursue excellence in all areas of the school.

President, Dr. Jeffrey Potts

Serving Cypress Christian School is a great privilege. Every day, hundreds of students walk through our doors, and every day, each one of us that serve on staff have the unique satisfaction of knowing that we have been part of making very important investments in the lives of these children.
Each student who walks through the doors of this institution will be equipped with both academic knowledge and with the knowledge of the ultimate source of truth – the Lord Jesus Christ. Outside of the investment put into the life of a young person by their family and their church, I can think of no greater benefit that can be given to a child than this.
As important as this school is to individual students and their families, I am also mindful that Cypress Christian School is a critical part of the bulwark that keeps our entire nation strong and free. Our second president, John Adams, rightly said, “Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” In other words, President Adams understood the amount of freedom granted under the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights could only be safely handled by a people that exercised good moral judgment. Every day, Cypress Christian School is teaching students the Bible, and is fully engaged in the important work of training the next generation of citizens that will provide critical leadership in our homes, in our communities and in our nation.



The campus will reopen on Monday, July 15.

Power has been restored, and the campus will reopen on Monday, July 15, with regular summer hours and activities.