About CCS


The mission of Cypress Christian School is to honor the Lord Jesus Christ by providing students an education based upon academic excellence and biblical values.

Cypress Christian School is a K-12 independent, non-denominational, college-preparatory Christian school founded in 1978 located in northwest Houston.
CCS provides an academic education built upon a biblical view of life. God, as creator of life and reality, is the focus of a Christian education. In addition, His Word serves as the authoritative standard of Truth.


The vision of Cypress Christian School is to positively impact culture by promoting truth, advancing the Christian faith and equipping students to serve and lead with excellence.

Academic Excellence and Biblical Values

Academic excellence and spiritual excellence are not mutually exclusive. In fact, spiritual excellence calls us to be good stewards of the gifts and talents God has provided; therefore, it calls us to academic excellence as well. It is this striving for excellence in both realms that makes CCS what it is, a distinctly Christian school.

Cultural Impact

Jesus called us to go and make disciples of all men. At CCS, through our sports, fine arts, clubs, and co-curricular activities, our students have the opportunity to impact our community for Christ by living out the academic excellence and biblical values that have been ‘taught and caught’ through their time at CCS.

Accomplishing the Mission

As we strive to accomplish the school’s mission, we actively:

  • Focus our plans and activities around specific goals and outcomes.
  • Intently create lessons and activities to engage all learners.
  • Purpose to make each child’s experience a successful one.
  • Pray with students to seek God for their needs and for their success.
  • Communicate homework and grades to parents and students via on-line resources.


The campus will reopen on Monday, July 15.

Power has been restored, and the campus will reopen on Monday, July 15, with regular summer hours and activities.