Middle School

Middle school is a pivotal time for young teenagers. The values, beliefs, habits and skills honed between the ages of 11-14 follow the young man or woman into high school and beyond.

Middle school students are fragile. They are full of expectations, yet they face many risks. What difference should it make that young preteens and teens are part of an educational community that strives to follow the biblical model and promotes a Christian worldview? The team of middle school teachers at CCS is committed to making a difference in the lives of these precious students. We want to help them to answer the question, “What does it mean to live for Jesus?”.

Middle school students need the right preparation for their unique race that lies ahead. Culture pushes its values on teens in thousands of ways. As teachers, we must be clear and direct as we demonstrate the application of scriptural principles in relevant ways. Christian teachers orchestrate discussions that cause students to consider the consequences of choices that lead away from God’s plan. Perhaps these discussions can come from a question posed in Bible class, a current event mentioned in history class, a scientific breakthrough discussed in science, even a lunch detention for a classroom disruption or an after-school meeting with a teacher. It is an honor to work each day with men and women who demonstrate a life of integrity, a life sold out to the Lordship of Jesus. The middle school years are a unique challenge, but together we can see an emerging generation of Warriors being honed by God.

Middle School Administration

Middle School Principal
Dean of Students, Middle School Boys Basketball A Team Head Coach, Program Coordinator