April 1, 2020

Alumni Newsletter – April 2, 2020


Warrior graduates are impacting our world during the national crisis surrounding COVID-19, and we ask the CCS Prayer Warriors to keep our alumni in your prayers as they serve in various capacities. We would like to recognize those who are serving their communities on the front lines in the following capacities:

Emergency management professional working to keep community members safe and informed

Medical professionals including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, counselors, therapists, support staff – some working with COVID-19 patients right here in our community and across the nation, others serving patients without the virus but are who are critically ill or need a healthcare provider for current illness or disease

First responders including police helping citizens stay safe, paramedic responding to urgent needs

In the coming weeks, we will recognize pastors, missionaries, educators, etc. as they serve as well.

Emergency Management:

Harris County: Kelsie Suter (’11) is an intelligence analyst and member of the communications team for Harris County Emergency Management. They are working hard to keep all of us informed and safe during this pandemic.

Medical Professionals:

Houston, TX: Allie Borkovich George, MD (’08) is a pediatrician in the Emergency Department at Texas Children’s Hospital. Allie says, “Thank you for your prayers, and for doing your part to flatten the curve, so our hospitals aren’t overwhelmed all at once with the influx of patients affected by COVID-19.” Allie and her husband Paul are planning to move to Atlanta, GA, in July 2020. There, Paul will begin fellowship training in Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, and Allie will transition to primary care pediatrics. Allie says they are very excited.

Cypress, TX: Kat Barnett Lopez, NP (’07) is a nurse practitioner in a hospital emergency room and thanks you for praying for wisdom, protection, courage and peace for her and her fellow medical professionals as well as all hospital employees and their families, as they serve the Cypress community.

Kansas City, MO: Monika Graber, RN (’03) is a certified pediatric hematology/oncology nurse in a hospital and says, “I’m doing well and fully trusting that the Lord will take care of our needs for safety, health and PPE (personal protective equipment.) And as this situation continues to change, the need for prayer and encouragement definitely won’t, so thanks for praying for all of us.”

To Infinity & Beyond!

Temple, TX: Lauren Cater Tilton, RN (’15) is a registered nurse in an hospital and thanks CCS Prayer Warriors for praying for her and her husband Michael (former CCS student) and her fellow medical professionals as she was exposed to a positive COVID-19 patient and is in quarantine. She hopes to be virus-free and get back to work soon to help out where she is needed.

Tyler, TX: Katrina Boulter Streckert, RN (’09) (shown on right in photo) is a registered nurse in a hospital, and says thank you for praying for strength and protection for her and her co-workers and their families as they carry out their calling as medical professionals during this national pandemic. And, she says thanks for praying that every hospital and clinic would be stocked with N95 masks and other protective gear to keep exposure to a minimum while they care for those sick with COVID-19.

Houston, TX: Olivia Roberts Steinhauser, RN (’14) is celebratingone year in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at Texas Children’s Hospital. Olivia says, “From scrambling on orientation to get a child on ECMO to bottle feeding a newborn, from bathing a refugee to laying a child to rest, from playing “Heads Up” with friends on a slow night to lining the halls for organ donation, this job has taught me everything.” She says thanks for praying for her and her co-workers and all the “littles and their families” as they navigate healthcare during the pandemic.

The Woodlands, TX: Lindsay Adam Santos, RN (’08) is a registered nurse for a doctor in The Woodlands, TX, and says she is missing her family due to the long hours, but doing her best to help their high-risk patients stay out of the hospital by screening them and addressing their needs. She says, “I was asked by someone the other day how I seemed so calm. My response was simple, ‘This isn’t a surprise to Jesus. Jesus called me to be a nurse, and I’m covered by the blood. Even if I get sick, He’s got me.”

Cypress, TX: Alyssa Ramsey (‘16) will graduate in August 2020 from nursing school at Lone Star College, with an ADN (Associates Degree in Nursing), and is eligible to take the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) to become a licensed RN. She is an officer of her school’s SNA chapter (Student Nurse Association), and enjoys working at Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Cypress as a Rehab Nursing Tech. After graduation, Alyssa plans to start school online through UT Arlington’s nursing program in pursuit of her B.S. in nursing. Once earning her BSN, Alyssa will work toward becoming a nurse practitioner. Alyssa says she hasn’t decided on a specialty yet, but so far in clinical, she has fallen in love with the Emergency Room and the NICU.

Alyssa is thankful to CCS High School Academic Advisor, Becky Fredrickson, who pushed her to take extra courses and earn “a ton of college credit” before graduating.

First Responders:

Texas and Alabama: Jack Mitchell (‘11) is a police office in the surrounding Houston area and Grayson Dansby (’13) is a paramedic in Alabama. They say thank you for praying for them as they serve their communities during this crisis.

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