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Academics Overview

At Cypress Christian School, students are provided with a rigorous academic curriculum that prioritizes foundational skills such as reading, writing, critical thinking, mathematical proficiency and a well-rounded understanding of science and humanities.

The curriculum is carefully selected to uphold Christian standards and challenge students at all levels.
In addition to daily Bible classes, Scripture is incorporated into all academic disciplines to offer a practical and life-changing learning experience. The traditional classroom setting fosters unity among students.
CCS offers an intensive study of English and history, including the great writings, people, events, works and ideas that have shaped civilization. Coordination among departments reinforces students' learning, while science and math offer advanced tracks starting from freshman year. Honors, dual credit and AP courses are also available.
By the end of their senior year, Cypress Christian School students consistently score above the national average in both SAT and ACT exams and are deemed college-ready by the State of Texas admissions policies.


School Administration

Vice President of Academics
Director of K-12 Curriculum
Executive Assistant to Vice President of Academics, Registrar

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