Student Life

Junior Ambassadors

Junior Ambassador members are recognized as leaders among the students. They set an example for the other students at all times, including off-duty times. Junior Ambassador members constantly demonstrate leadership skills such as decision-making, communication, punctuality, school pride, respect and good citizenship.

Students who are Junior Ambassadors maintain a good discipline record. Students must exemplify leadership skills, as well as people skills (Fruit of the Spirit).

Junior Ambassadors will assist with morning and afternoon carpool, helping ensure younger students get where they need to be. They are responsible for putting up and taking down the flags each day. This groups will perform other leadership tasks such as leading pledges at school events, working with students in younger grades when appropriate, and any elementary task that requires student leaders.

The Junior Ambassador program has three purposes: 

  • Allow students to assist in maintaining a safe and enjoyable school
  • Allow students to practice leadership
  • Recognize the increasing maturity level of our fifth-grade students