Yearbook/Digital Art

Yearbook/Digital Art is a 21st century, cross-curricular, project-based class, in which students work collaboratively by using technology such as digital cameras, Adobe Photoshop or online photo editing software and Adobe InDesign or online design software to digitally produce a yearbook. Students use writing skills, communication skills and creativity to tell the story of the school community and peers in an engaging way. They demonstrate knowledge of graphic design and think creatively when organizing information within the yearbook. In this college and career-ready course, students think critically to meet deadlines, track goals and utilize multimedia to market and disseminate information that aligns with and models an actual business.

Kelly Galbreath has been the yearbook adviser for eight years. She has received training in Adobe InDesign and additional training at Jostens Adviser University.

The 2023-2024 Staff

  • Co-Editors In Chief: Marley Murray and Kelsey Perrin
  • Managing Editor: Jaclyn Millender
  • Sports Editor: Jonathan Quarles
  • Staff: Sofia Dubon, Emily Erwin, Bui Phuong, Iliana Sevilla, Kailyn Smith, Megan Smith, Maximus Supplee and Maddie Talkington

Secondary School Yearbook

2023-2024 Impact Theme: Beneath the Surface

Every secondary student receives a yearbook as part of tuition. The book is a complete retelling of the entire school year from August through May. Delivery is in July to the school and distribution to the student body takes place the first week of the new school year. Senior recognition ads are also available for parents to create through the Jostens website. Parents will receive directions, deadlines and communication directly from the yearbook adviser.

The theme of the secondary yearbook, Impact, changes yearly and strives to document the daily events of scholastic life highlighting the things that our CCS community does to make an impact on other’s lives. Highlights of students, polls and infographics, vivid photography and captivating interviews make the yearbook come to life. The yearbook is a history book that tells the story of the year.

At the beginning of each year, the staff participates in a commitment ceremony pledging to create an unbiased book that covers every student a minimum of three times. They work outside of class conducting interviews, taking photos, creating layouts and writing copy to meet printing plant deadlines. This year’s staff is hard at work to make a a quality product while also taking breaks for food and fun to enhance creativity.  

New for 2023-2024! Elementary Yearbook $30

We are excited to announce that our elementary students will have their first elementary only yearbook printed this year. It is a hardbound 60-page book available for purchase online through Entourage Yearbooks for only $30. The book highlights elementary school life, field trips, events and includes a page for individual personalization. Unlike the secondary yearbook, the elementary book, “BE”, will be delivered the first week of May, giving students plenty of time to look through them together and sign each other’s book before summer vacation begins. Deadline for ordering is April 1, 2024.

Please click here to order. Contact Kelly Galbreath at [email protected] for additional information.

Share Your CCS Photos

The yearbook staff and communications team invites students and parents to share CCS photos with them. If you’ve got great photos of school activities, please email the Communications Team for an easy way to share your photos with CCS.

More Information

For more information on the yearbook, please email Yearbook Adviser, Kelly Galbreath.


Yearbook Faculty

Spanish & Journalism Teacher, Yearbook Adviser