K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

Huff Learning Center

One measure of a great school is how well it meets the challenges of individual differences while striving for excellence. At CCS, these differences are celebrated as evidence of the unique creation of each child.

Learning Center Programs

CCS is blessed to have the Huff Learning Center for students that may need help in Skill Building or the NILD (National Institute for Learning Development) program. For more information on the NILD/Discovery Program at CCS, please download the following document:

Learning Center Referral Process

Please note: There is an additional cost for these programs.

Learning Center Teachers

Teachers in the Huff Learning Center individualize the learning process to ensure that each student achieves academic success. For each student, they coordinate a Team Action Plan which includes the home, the classroom teacher, and the Learning Center. Successful intervention in targeted areas brings rewarding gains in an academically challenging curriculum.

Resources for Parents of Learning Center Students

Click on the link above to view a list of helpful books and websites.

For more information about the Huff Learning Center, please contact the Learning Center Director, Alicia Griffiths.