Learning Center Programs

The CCS Huff Learning Center offers a wide variety of programs and support services designed to meet the unique learning needs of an individual. For more information regarding our programs and services, please contact the Huff Learning Center Director.


  • This “internationally-recognized program” is for students (elementary-high school) who struggle to learn. For more information, please visit the National Institute for Learning Development (NILD).
  • The National Institute for Learning Development’s Discovery/Educational Therapy program is an intensive, language-based therapy program targeting specific cognitive (executive function, visual and auditory memory, long-term retrieval, etc.) and academic (reading, writing, math, etc.) areas.
  • Discovery/Educational Therapy meets for a total of 160 minutes per week (full-time) with a certified educational therapist.
  • Discovery/Educational Therapy may meet in small groups.
  • School-approved testing and classroom accommodations are based on student’s psycho-educational evaluation and provided at no additional cost.


  • The Search & TEACH program is for our youngest students (kindergarten and first grade) who may have areas of vulnerability in their foundation of early learning.
  • The Search & TEACH program utilizes specific activities aimed at targeting cognitive and academic areas necessary for building a strong educational foundation.
  • A TEACH student meets with a Search & TEACH Therapist three times per week for 35-40 minutes per session.
  • In addition to the program specifications listed above, when a student is enrolled in TEACH their first-grade year, the TEACH Therapist systematically incorporates higher level phonics instruction to reinforce beginning spelling patterns and sound/symbol association, as well as techniques designed to strengthen sentence formation and vocabulary development.


  • Academic Skills Coaching programs are designed to increase student’s understanding of specific academic core subjects or concepts (usually 1-2 concepts per session, as time permits).
  • Academic Skills Coaching offers on-site tutorial services with a low student to teacher ratio.
  • Students in grades 4-12 meet with a certified teacher 1-2 times per week and target their main area of difficulty.
  • School-approved testing and classroom accommodations may be provided as space is available and are based on student’s psycho-educational evaluation on file and provided at no additional cost.