Kindergarten Curriculum

CCS provides kindergarten children with structure and security through a loving relationship with their teacher.

A Biblically-rich environment affords them the freedom to inquire and to grow intellectually and spiritually.

Why CCS for Kindergarten?

  • Classes taught from a biblical worldview
  • Kindergarten through 12th grade
  • Educational excellence since 1978
  • Development assessment provided for each student
  • Comprehensive kindergarten program features individualized, phonics-based reading
  • Professionally staffed Learning Center, which supports the Search and Teach Program
  • Accredited K-12 by Association of Christian Schools International
  • Caring, committed, degreed and professionally certified Christian faculty
  • Weekly chapel service
  • Music, art, library, science lab, technology lab, P.E., elementary athletics and field trips
  • Daily folders and weekly emails to enhance communication between school, teachers and parents



Students learn about God through the lives of many characters throughout the Bible. Engaging activities are used to help students comprehend and apply Bible truths. Students memorize Scripture and learn Godly character traits each week. Students enjoy weekly chapel time to experience praise and worship. Prayer is a part of each day.


At CCS, we pursue a phonics-based approach to reading because we believe that the rules of phonics will provide students with the basic tools needed for decoding words. Reading groups are formed to individualize instruction so that every student can perform at his or her own pace.

Kindergarten is a time of preparation for reading and writing. The basic elements of phonics are developed and letter-sound associations are emphasized. Each student’s composition skills and creative writing are nurtured through daily writing workshops and the use of writing journals.

CCS uses the modern manuscript form of handwriting. Students learn basic printed letters and use them to form words and sentences. Our curriculum provides fun visual, auditory and kinesthetic strategies to teach correct letter formation.


Exposure to mathematical concepts is lively and interactive. Students use a variety of manipulatives, such as teddy bear counters and unifix cubes to develop numerical concepts. In kindergarten, numbers and number sense, measurements, geometrical and spatial relationships, fractional concepts, graphing, sequencing/patterning, classification and probability are introduced. Students learn to tell time and are introduced to the skill of counting money. Students also learn single digit addition concepts, along with the reverse operation of subtraction.


Students will study a variety of science topics that make them aware of the world around them. Students learn about science through the structure and function of design as it applies to the human body, animals, plants, matter and space. In social studies, kindergartners begin to learn about the world and the community around them. Teachers present various units throughout the school year to help develop their community awareness and the concept of cities, states and nations.


Kindergartners visit the elementary library once a week for a library session and story with the librarian. Students participate in book selection, reading incentive programs, read-alouds, storytelling and creative activities. Students enjoy a welcoming atmosphere designed to incentivize the love of reading which includes visits to our book vending machine. The goal of the library is for students to engage in programming that will inspire a life-long love for reading.


Students receive computer-assisted instruction in the technology lab once a week. Students will recognize that computers reflect God’s precise and orderly design. The computer skills taught are basic computer usage and knowledge using desktop computers and iPads. Our kindergarten students are introduced to typing with correct finger placement and basic coding using Scratch Jr. and Bee Bots. Each technology area is carefully designed to reinforce students’ learning in the core curricular subjects, as well as to develop their technology skills through step-by-step instruction.


In P.E., children are encouraged to develop a love for fitness through movement, balance and coordination activities. Students participate in P.E. once a week. Through social interaction and team building, kindergarten students learn the value of Christian principles in competition.

Students in kindergarten also have the opportunity to go to P.E. Lab. It is designed to help children develop the skills necessary for learning readiness and mastery of their environment. It helps to improve the child’s ability to maneuver and function in their environment promoting high student performance in tasks such as handwriting, sitting still, paying attention, speaking and good behavior.


Kindergartners attend music class once a week. Our music teacher places a strong emphasis on worship, revealing what worship is and ways in which to worship through music. Students participate in music class by singing, moving, playing games and exploring various percussion instruments. Kindergarteners perform in programs throughout the year, such as the Christmas program, Grandparents & Special Friends Day, Mother’s Day chapel and kindergarten graduation.


Students also attend art class once a week. The children are introduced to drawing simple lines and shapes. With this as a foundation, students begin to branch out into creating graphic designs, animals, plants and people. The goal is to instill an awe of God and learn how to celebrate the ability to create. They learn to value art as expressions of God’s creativity.



Due to widespread power outages and potential safety issues, school is CLOSED, and all activities are CANCELED tomorrow, Friday, May 17.

School will reopen on Monday, May 20. Updates will be sent by text and email, as needed. Please stay safe!