Developmental Readiness


Cypress Christian School uses the Gesell Test to determine the developmental age of prospective students. At CCS, our transitional kindergarten and kindergarten are developmentally appropriate classrooms. This is why it is so important to make sure that students entering these classes are developmentally ready for the tasks they will be asked to perform. Students that are placed in an environment in for which they are not developmentally ready often fail to make the academic and developmental gains that their peers make, which leads to frustration.

What is the Gesell Test?

The Gesell Developmental Observation-Revised (GDO-R) is a comprehensive system that assists educators in understanding a child’s typical development patterns between two and one-half and nine years of age. All children go through systematic sets of stages and progress through these stages in consistent sequential and predictable patterns. Children progress through these stages at their own unique, individual rate. The GDO-R assesses the whole child by looking at the cognitive development, physical development, language development and social/emotional development of each individual child.

What is it used for?

The rationale for using the GDO-R is two-fold: it consists of tasks appropriate for the young child and is based on current data with up-to-date trends. The GDO-R provides an accurate profile of each child’s individual development. These results provide information to both parents and teachers regarding a child’s educational needs. This shared information portrays the child’s strengths as well as areas that may need additional support.

Why we chose this test?

The work of Dr. Arnold Gesell has been supporting families for over a century. Gesell assessments have been used as a standard of measurement of child growth and development for over 85 years. The Gesell Developmental Observation-Revised (GDO-R) helps examiners discover the developmental age of your child by observing his/her growth, academic achievement and social and emotional development.


SEARCH and TEACH is a program designed to detect children who are vulnerable to learning failure and offer educational intervention before failure has occurred. SEARCH is the assessment while TEACH is the therapy designed to strengthen learning pathways. The SEARCH assessment is a 20-minute test designed to identify five and six-year olds who are vulnerable to learning difficulty, and to show a child’s strengths and weaknesses in the readiness skills necessary for reading success. SEARCH consists of three visual perception tests, two auditory tests, two tests of intermodal skills and three neurodevelopmental tests.



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