Elementary Curriculum

Cypress Christian School elementary creates a beginning framework for providing our students vast opportunities to meet our mission statement of academic excellence and a biblical worldview.  

Academic Excellence

CCS provides standards-based instruction in science, mathematics, social studies, reading and language arts (writing, grammar, spelling and handwriting). We strive to support a partnership with each individual family that focuses on equipping elementary students with the necessary foundational skills to be well prepared for their academic road ahead provided by the best coursework and a challenging environment.  

Teachers use cutting-edge curriculum along with other research-based tools to ensure that students are mastering grade-level standards and learning critical thinking skills all within a biblical perspective. 

Each student will leave our elementary school well prepared for middle school with qualities of confident learners, responsible students and the understanding that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”. 

Biblical Worldview

At CCS, we look at each individual subject as an opportunity to draw students closer to the Lord. Not only do we provide Bible as a core subject, but we also provide opportunities to learn and memorize Scripture as a model of hiding God’s Word in our heart. In addition, through chapel every Wednesday and our classroom teachers, we provide daily moments of worship, prayer and fostering a knowledge of God’s love for every student.