February 9, 2023

Middle School Girls Basketball 2023

The theme of the Lady Warriors basketball program for the 2022-2023 season has been Elevate-to rise above and utilize the gifts the Lord has gifted each player and coach in order to work together to be successful. The MS girls basketball program wrapped up their season with an awards and celebration time on Monday, February 6, 2023. Each player was given a certificate to recognize the character trait the coaches most observed being developed in her throughout the season.

The C team finished strong with a competitive last game on January 24 against St. Mark’s Episcopal. The B team finished second in the south in the HAPS division II bracket when they fell short of a win in the semi-final game to advance to the championship game. The A team finished first in the HAPS division I bracket with a solid win over Covenant Christian School in Conroe.

Players were also recognized for their leadership in several key areas which helped to Elevate the teams to have successful seasons.


A Team award recipients, pictured left to right:

Elevate Award – Katie Hirth

Defensive Player – Kyra Davis

Warrior Award – Elizabeth Montalbano

Offensive Player – Audrey Petru

Warrior Award – Lydia Duphorne

Timothy Award – Isabella LeSpade

Coach Tate

B Team award recipients, pictured left to right:

Offensive Player – Jolie DeLongchamp

Timothy Award – Faith Laidlaw

Defensive Player – Ava Rizzutto

Most Improved – Evan Neelen 

Coach Dimitric Murph (Coach D)

Warrior Award – Sloan Tucker

Sportsmanship – Addison Wilhelm

C Team award recipients, pictured left to right:

Timothy Award – Claire Berens (not pictured) 

Offensive Player – Cora Aguirre 

Most Improved – Mallory Fivecoat

Coach Wilhelm

Warrior Award – Dany Joseph 

Defensive Player – Michaela Smith

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