Over the past week, all three teams from the Senior Capstone Engineering class have been in the beginning phases of constructing their projects by buying their materials, measuring out wood, […]

Our Middle School Math Olympics Team competed in the ACSI Math Olympics on February 2. Eighteen students were selected based on their high scores in the categories of computation and […]

CCS Senior Capstone Engineering is a class for seniors who have an interest in interacting with the special needs community while applying the engineering design process. Three groups were assigned […]

The CCS STEM classes were challenged to create structures made of popsicle sticks and hot glue that were less than 50 grams and measured between 7.5″ and 9” in height. […]

Seventh graders finished their genetics and DNA unit in Life Science class by completing the strawberry DNA extraction lab. Students worked together to learn how simple household ingredients could help […]

CCS is proud to be one of approximately 2,300 high schools worldwide to be recognized as an AP Capstone School. This innovative College Board program consists of two courses, AP […]

Last week, kindergarten started working on an insect research writing project. Groups from each class have been researching butterflies, bees, ladybugs and ants. By the end, students will have learned so much and […]

Eighth-grade students participated in the SIFMA Foundation Stock Market Game. Teams begin the simulation with an imaginary investment of $100,000 to trade on the NYSE and NASDAQ. Students follow current […]

While discussing the human brain, Honors Anatomy & Physiology students dissected sheep brains. Students observed and identified the frontal, parietal, occipital and temporal lobes and the optic chiasma. Next, students […]

Reverse engineering is the process of taking apart an object. But why would we need to take the time to take something apart? To understand it better To see inside […]

Due to widespread power outages and potential safety issues, school is CLOSED, and all activities are CANCELED tomorrow, Friday, May 17.

School will reopen on Monday, May 20. Updates will be sent by text and email, as needed. Please stay safe!