K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

School Profile

Cypress Christian School is an accredited K-12 independent, non-denominational, college-preparatory Christian school founded in 1978. The school is located in northwest Houston at 11123 Cypress N. Houston Rd., Houston, TX 77065.


Cypress Christian School is accredited by Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and AdvancED.

Accreditation Information



Cypress Christian School partners with Christian parents to accomplish the mission of the school. At least one parent must give a written account of how they came to know the Lord and be in agreement with CCS Statement of Faith and Mission Statement.

Administrators / Faculty / Staff

Each administrator, staff and faculty member is a born-again believer in Jesus Christ. Teachers are degreed and certified.

Faculty & Staff Directory

After School Program

Cypress Christian School offers an After School Program for K-5 students who attend school at CCS.

Board of Directors

CCS is operated by a Board of Directors which is elected by the membership of Cypress Christian School, Inc.

Chapel / Bible

Weekly chapel services allow students and faculty members to experience worship, praise, instruction and fellowship. Bible curriculum includes weekly scripture memory.

Class Rank

Class rank is determined from the average of all the grades (excluding electives) earned at CCS in grades 9-12. Students must attend four (4) full semesters at CCS (junior/senior years) to be ranked. Class rank is reported to colleges on the student's transcript. Ranking is reported in quartiles. Ranking includes dual credit, honors, and special needs students in the 9-12th grades.

      • 1st Quartile - GPA of 90.000-100.000
      • 2nd Quartile - GPA of 85.000-89.999
      • 3rd Quartile - GPA of 80.000-84.999
      • 4th Quartile - GPA of 79.999 and below

College Entrance Exams

PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test) - The PSAT is mandatory for sophomores and juniors each year as preliminary training for the SAT. The PSAT (administered during the junior year) is also used to select students for National Merit Scholarships. Thus, it is not only a helpful practice, but for the gifted student who does well, it can be a means of obtaining recognition for college scholarships. Please see the College Corner for more information.


CCS strives to keep parents and students informed at all levels.

  • E-mail, the Warrior Weekly e-newsletter, the CONNECTION magazine and the school website are used to communicate to parents and students. Information about the current school year as well as policies and procedures can be found on the school website.
  • Weekly Packets for students in K-5th may include class and school-wide information and schoolwork from the previous week for elementary students. Printed information with class or school-wide news is distributed to secondary students in 6th-12th grades as needed.
  • Grades/Homework: CCS communicates this information via FACTS. Parents/Guardians supply CCS with an up-to-date e-mail address for communication purposes.
  • Families receive the school magazine, CONNECTION, via mail. The publication may also be viewed on-line.


Enrollment (K-12)

K-12 Enrollment

Fall 2017 (October)

  • Elementary Level (Grades K-5) - 286 students
  • Middle School Level (Grades 6-8) - 163 students
  • High School Level (Grades 9-12) - 215 students
  • Class of 2018 - 53 students
  • Total Families - 434
  • Total Students - 664

Grading Scale

The following grading scale is used throughout the school:




90 - 100AFar exceeds minimum standards
80 - 89BExceeds minimum standards
75 - 79CMeets minimum standards
70 - 74DFailure to meet some minimum standards
0 - 69FFailure to meet minimum standards

*Numerical grade point averages are used to determine ranking.


The mission of Cypress Christian School is to honor the Lord Jesus Christ by providing students an education based upon academic excellence and biblical values.

Standardized Testing

Achievement tests are administered each spring to students in K-10th grade. The tests are sent to a testing agency and CCS receives narrative reports that are distributed to the parents. These reports compare our students with national norms and norms developed for ACSI schools.

Statement of Faith

Student Conduct

A high standard of conduct is required of each student at CCS for the purpose of maintaining order and building Christ-like character. In grades K-5, the color system of discipline is enforced; students stay on 'green' until receiving a behavior warning which moves them to 'yellow'. Additional infractions lead to a color change to 'red' which involves a visit to the principal's office. In grades 6-12, disciplinary reports are issued. CCS does not practice corporal punishment.


Computers are available throughout the campus in classrooms and resource areas for student use. In addition, students, from nearly any internet-connected device, can remotely connect to a school "desktop computer" through a web browser. While connected, the student has access to his or her files, Office 2016 and other student resources. With their Office 365 account, each student has the ability to download and install Microsoft Office on five of their own devices including phones, tablets, personal home laptops or PCs, regardless of the operating system (Windows, iOS or Android). Students are also able to use Microsoft One Drive to securely save and store their work. Grades K-5: Students participate in computer classes held in the elementary computer lab. Grades 6-12: Computer instruction is incorporated into the curriculum and classrooms are equipped with computers for student use.