High School Curriculum

High school students follow a rigorous academic schedule of eight periods per day. Whether their interests lie in the sciences, math, literature, writing, foreign language or the arts, there are many options for high school students depending on the academic goals of the student. High school courses are developed to prepare students for success at the college level and beyond.

High School Course Overview

4 English credits

ELA I, II, III, one credit in any authorized advanced English course

4 Math credits

Algebra I, II, geometry, one credit in any authorized advanced math cours

4 Science credits

Biology, chemistry, physics, one additional science course

4 Social Studies credits

World history, world geography, US history, government (0.5 credit), economics (0.5 credit)

4 Bible credits

2 Language other than English credits (same language)

1 Physical Education credit

1 Fine Arts credit