K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

TAPPS Fall Photo Competition 2021

TAPPS Fall Photo Competition 2021

Over 44 schools participated in Texas in the TAPPS Fall Photo competition and there were over 600 entries. CCS brought home 10 medals and seven ribbons! Big winners were David Wahmhoff (12th grade), Justin Kostecki (12th grade), Katelyn Hong (11th grade) and Anna Fernandez (9th grade). There were 10 student entry categories: Animals, Still Life, Experimental, Waterscapes, Landscapes, Cityscapes, Student Life, Sports, Formal Portraits and Informal Portraits.

CCS Winning Artists:

Anna Fernandez, 9th grade: 

  • 2nd Place Sports

Justin Kostecki, 12th grade: 

  • 3rd Place Cityscape
  • Honorable Mention Student Life
  • Honorable Mention Animals
  • Honorable Mention Landscapes
  • Honorable Mention Still Life

Katelyn Hong, 11th grade: 

  • 2nd Place Cityscape
  • 2nd Place Experimental
  • 3rd Place Experimental
  • 3rd Place Cityscape
  • Honorable Mention Landscape

David Wahmhoff, 12th grade:

  • 1st Place Student Life
  • 1st Place Waterscapes
  • 1st Place Informal Portraits
  • 3rd Place Sports
  • Honorable Mention Formal Portraits
  • Honorable Mention Student Life

Congratulations to all our talented CCS artists with their winning photography.