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National Art Honor Society Field Trip to the Pearl Museum of Fine Arts

National Art Honor Society Field Trip to the Pearl Museum of Fine Arts

On Wednesday, February 26, the National Art Honor Society took their annual museum field trip to the Pearl Museum of Fine Arts. They saw two current exhibitions: Stitched – Contemporary Quilt Art from the International Quilt Festival and Lesley Humphrey: Saved by a Horse. They also got to meet the artist Lesley Humphrey and learned how to use gesture drawing to create new images. They then created a mixed media piece from these ideas acquired through their gesture drawings.

Lesley Humphrey: Saved by a Horse

What if a single image could represent one’s emotional landscape, including such feelings as happiness, freedom, trust, grief, strength and resilience? What if a person could soothe their spirit, calm down and find the strength and purpose to overcome the often-dreadful aspects of life? Artist Lesley Humphrey found the answer to these questions in painting the horse.
In Saved By a Horse, Humphrey provides viewers with an intimate lens through which to see how horse imagery became embossed upon – and healed – a psyche.

Lesley Humphrey:
When I was 4, I would ride a great old rocking horse, and the outside world would disappear, replaced by an imaginative gladness I cannot describe. In later years, I realized how this horse, this image, reconnected me to that free, powerful and vibrant state, and all I had to do was draw or paint the horse, and the ordinary world would simply “go away.” Relief at last!

Through painting or drawing the horse for over 58 years, Humphrey believes she has reconnected to her spirit that was lost in early childhood. She states that her artistic process has healed her, taught her, and in fact, led her toward maturity and apparent worldwide success along the way.
Through all the horse imagery in Saved By A Horse, Lesley hopes people will remember and feel their own spirit as they join hers in the exhibition. She hopes viewers will understand how the artistic process can help one overcome some of life’s diļ¬ƒcult challenges common to us all: illness, loss, addiction, injustice – everyday roadblocks to happiness. For her, all these challenges were overcome via the artistic process, reconnection to one’s spirit and the horse. 

Stitched: Contemporary Quilt Art from the International Quilt Festival

The artists range from several of the most famous names in contemporary quilt art to emerging artists at the time of purchase whose innovative work caught the collectors’ attention. Themes and styles in this exhibition include narration, color abstraction, landscapes, the cosmos and homage to antique quilts.

For more than three decades, Karey Bresenhan and Nancy O’Bryant Puentes, founders of Quilts, Inc., have been purchasing studio art quilts for their corporate collection, mostly from exhibitions at the Houston International Quilt Festival. Started by Bresenhan in 1974, and produced by Quilts, Inc., the annual Houston International Quilt Festival quickly became an international destination for quilters.

For the first time ever, part of this collection has been assembled into a national touring exhibition. Dr. Sandra Sider, Curator for the Texas Quilt Museum, selected the quilts in the exhibition, which date from 1986-2010.