K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

Middle School Math Olympics Team

Eighteen students were selected to compete in the ACSI Math Olympics competition based on their high scores in the categories of computation and reasoning. Many on the team placed in this competition. We are so proud of the team’s hard work and accomplishments!

2021-2022 Middle School Math Olympics Team

Sixth Grade Computation

  • Jane Belanger
  • Emma Estrada
  • Kira Farrington

Sixth Grade Reasoning

  • Reagan Laidlaw
  • Rex Schraeder
  • Chelsea Scott

Seventh Grade Computation

  • Elizabeth Montalbano
  • Zach Powers
  • Caitlyn Waller

Seventh Grade Reasoning

  • Matthew Belanger
  • Philip Belanger
  • Connie Quaglia

Eighth Grade Computation

  • Addie Basham
  • Sophie Fransen
  • Finn Howren

Eighth Grade Reasoning

  • Keaon Chalton
  • Riley Chelette
  • Michael Conomos


ACSI Middle School Math Olympics Results

  • First Place MEDAL - Philip Belanger, Seventh Grade Reasoning
  • Second Place - Jane Belanger, Sixth Grade Computation
  • Second Place - Zach Powers, Seventh Grade Computation
  • Second Place - Chelsea Scott, Sixth Grade Reasoning
  • Third Place - Matthew Belanger, Seventh Grade Reasoning
  • Third Place - Michael Conomos, Eighth Grade Reasoning
  • Third Place - Emma Estrada, Sixth Grade Computation
  • Fourth Place - Caitlyn Waller, Seventh Grade Computation
  • Fifth Place - Keaon Chalton, Eighth Grade Reasoning
  • Fifth Place - Elizabeth Montalbano, Seventh Grade Computation
  • Fifth Place - Connie Quaglia, Seventh Grade Reasoning