K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

Honors Engineering Partners with Reach Unlimited

The Honors Engineering class had the opportunity to simulate a “stakeholders' meeting” with leadership at CCS. The class of 12 students is split into three groups of four students. We have partnered with Reach Unlimited (ReachUnlimited.org) for the students' spring senior project. Each group was given a need in their community, and the students are working through the engineering design process and utilizing project management skills to provide a product that will benefit a client in their community. The purpose of the “stakeholders' meeting” was to invite our “stakeholders” to the classroom for an update on their projects. The students presented their projects and gave a status update with their projected plan for the rest of the semester. Their projects will be done and handed over to Reach Unlimited at a banquet on April 11. The students have three clear projects but are 100% on each other’s team. As “stakeholders”, we asked leadership for their feedback to help provide the best solution and product for the clients with Reach Unlimited.