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Alaska Mission Trip

Alaska Mission Trip

Over spring break, Bayou City Fellowship took some of our CCS students to Nome, Alaska on a mission trip. High school students served by shoveling snow, working concessions stands and even helped with the Iditarod. Seeing the Northern Lights in person was truly a sight to behold.

This is what the students had to say about the trip: "Going to Alaska was amazing. This was one of the first years a youth group helped. There had only been one other. The community was extremely receptive and friendly. We had been outside a shop when a man came to talk to us. Before he left he taught us how to say thank you in his language 'Quiana'. The small moments were the biggest like just hanging out and having kids come up to us and play. The culture was also divided. At the Iditarod, most people were tourists, and some were natives. The basketball game had all natives cheering and having an amazing time. People in the community would walk into the church just to talk to Mrs. Brenda, the mission leader."

“My favorite memory was the basketball tournament that was for all of the villages. The whole town showed up to watch.” ~ Jack Gibb

The CCS students who participated were Ian Barrow, Colton Beckman, Jack Gibb, Emily Leamons, Kyle Leamons, Katie Martin, Grace Philipp, Rowan Smith, Beckett Swinney and Adam Williams.