The Warrior Way – Ep. 4 of 4 “Partnership”

Partnership multiplies impact. Learn more about the impact your partnership with Cypress Christian School can make in the lives of your children.

Dr. Jeff Potts – Cypress Christian School Executive Director

When I think about partnership, what immediately comes to mind is, “Who do I partner with concerning my time, talents and treasure?” Partnership between the right school and parents is critical, and the reason is very simple and a little bit scary. Every parent watching this right now gets one opportunity to raise their children. We get one shot.

I will never forget, some 15 years ago, 16 years this coming August, how I felt when I reached over and picked up that tiny baby boy the Lord had given Kristin and me. This little gift he gave me to steward, not own, steward. We live in a day where folks are obsessed with their rights, but the word of God highlights our responsibilities. Owners have rights, stewards have a responsibility.

We were not far along in our parenting journey when we came to two conclusions. First, after studying Deuteronomy chapter 6, I came to believe that the Lord mandates a believer to provide Christian education for their children. Two, kids do one thing more than anything else; they learn. The good, the bad and the ugly, they are always learning. So, a Biblical mandate and constantly developing child. For me, as a parent, right now, the interaction of those two things is Cypress Christian School.

Now, I’m not the smartest guy in the room, but it didn’t take me very long to begin to understand in my partnership with CCS, the value and the impact of Cam Dziubarczyk, Christine McKnight and Sara Runge. Or having a kid walk from Lubega Frankio to Karen McGrath or Lisa Baldwin, and later having my child moving through Donna Lambert, Lori Teague, Dr. Morales and a host of Christian coaches in every sport. This is a partnership from Kindergarten to 12th grade, and it’s not easily replicated.

I think we’d all agree that we’ve been blessed like very few people in the history of this world. We have more opportunities than we could capitalize on in one lifetime, and more resources than most of the world could imagine. There will come a time when I, like you, will have to give an account for those opportunities and what I did with my gifts. Think about the eternal kingdom impact CCS and our families can make in the partnership of our time, talent and treasure.

Partnership multiplies impact.