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When I think about partnership, what immediately comes to mind is, “Who do I partner with concerning my time, talents and treasure?”
“Excellence is doing a common thing, in an uncommon way.” That simplifies it.
Culture is more important to organizational success than almost anything else. And the reason is very simple.
There is a reason Kristin and I are at Cypress Christian School. There’s a reason you’re at Cypress Christian School.
Have you ever had to stand by and watch someone settle for less than God’s best for them?
What do we want our kids to KNOW when they hear their name? Please check out this 75-second challenge from CCS Executive Director, Dr. Jeff Potts, for all of us!
To know what we were thinking when we were kids, our parents simply had to read our diaries and the primary threat to many of us was the walk home from school.
I believe there are two things we need more than ever to navigate our classrooms, schools, our own families or whatever your sphere of influence might be today.