The Warrior Way – Ep. 3 of 4 “Excellence”

Cypress Christian School is focused on the continuous pursuit of excellence. In this two-minute video, learn how to pursue excellence the Warrior Way!

Kris Hogan – Cypress Christian School Athletic Director & Head Football Coach

Cypress Christian School is focused, on the continuous pursuit of excellence. We believe everyone has a calling from the Lord. And He didn’t put anybody on this earth to be ordinary. And therefore, pursuing excellence, is our reasonable service.

Excellence has been described in many ways, and I like how Booker T. Washington described it when he said, “Excellence is doing a common thing, in an uncommon way.” That simplifies it. But my favorite explanation of excellence, the one I use, comes from a good friend of mine who says, “We have to do what anybody can do, better than anybody does it.”

So the process of excellence is not contained in the activity, but rather in the expectation, mindset and execution of the individual. If a student has a perfect 4.0 in math, he or she is not discovering or working with a different math, rather, that individual is executing ordinary math, but at an extraordinary level, that’s excellence. We know excellence begins, by establishing lofty standards.

To pursue excellence well, we have to teach our students skills, that translate to high execution in routine activities. Excellence then, is not a mystery or complicated, it’s the development and proper utilization of skills, that lead to top performance. For example, the ability to sustain performance, is a skill. To execute at a certain level, day after day, week after week, the ability to sustain performance is a skill and a prerequisite for excellence. So it has to be taught.

The Warrior Way is to establish high standards, teach those requisite skills, and empower our students to chase excellence – even in the face of doubt, mistakes, adversity and setbacks. Because everyone who eventually reaches excellence realizes, that temporary failure, is just another pathway to attainment. Our students will be prepared, to pursue excellence beyond the walls of their high school, because Cypress Christian School is focused, on the continuous pursuit of excellence.