The Warrior Way – Ep. 2 of 4 “Culture”

Culture is more important to organizational success than almost anything else because values drive behavior. In this two-minute video, Coach Kris Hogan will share how the culture at Cypress Christian School comes from our mission statement. This is episode two in a four-part series. Click here to view episode one.

Kris Hogan – Cypress Christian School Athletic Director & Head Football Coach

Culture is more important to organizational success than almost anything else. And the reason is very simple. Culture is a clear demonstration of the values we hold most dear. That’s all important because values drive behavior. It’s a fundamental principle of human nature.

We behave based upon what’s important to us. If we believe deeply in something, our behavior becomes passionate. If we’re lukewarm on a value, we’ll behave inconsistently. Values drive behaviors and behaviors produce outcomes. So culture is not only a reflection of the organization’s values, it’s also what drives beliefs and behaviors required to execute your plan.

At CCS, our culture is centered on the unchanging word of God, a warrior mindset and actions congruent with our mission statement. A great culture results in many positive outcomes including what I like to call positive side-effects. For instance, if CCS carries out our mission statement, some positive side effects would be our students learning that all leadership begins by first leading yourself, or upper-level achievers have a habit of seeing obstacles as opportunities. They would learn how to cultivate personal enthusiasm and therefore influence enthusiasm in others.

And finally, learn how to choose high-payoff activities instead of time-stealing low-return activities. You see culture is so important, it not only drives stated outcomes but often produces these side-effects for the people associated with the organization, which of course is our prayer for our students and our families. We’re going to execute academic excellence, we’re going to infuse biblical worldview and we’re going to graduate alumni that make an impact on society and for the kingdom, because they come from a culture where those things are normal.

When it comes to winning, no matter the arena, there is no substitute for culture.