The Warrior Way – Ep. 1 of 4 “Three Cords”

There is a reason we are all CCS Warriors. In this two-minute video, Dr. Potts will share the three cords that are the DNA and approach to education at Cypress Christian School. This is the first in a four-part series. Click here to view episode two.

Dr. Jeff Potts – Cypress Christian School Executive Director

There is a reason Kristin and I are at Cypress Christian School. There’s a reason you’re at Cypress Christian School. There’s a reason we’re all CCS Warriors. I believe that reason is a specific approach to raising and developing the next generation. That we as adults, parents, decision makers, place a high value on. The CCS mission statement involves academic excellence, biblical values and cultural impact. But what if we take it one step further?

The specific approach I’m talking about is encompassed within three categories. In the next minute, we’ll take a quick look at these three areas and how these three chords are the DNA and approach to education here at Cypress Christian School. The three chords are: culture, excellence and partnership.

Culture, excellence and partnership. When I say culture, I’m talking about the daily operating environment that creates a climate for our students to thrive while growing into what God is calling them to become. It’s the atmosphere created by a unified group of like-minded believers. Culture is a non-negotiable chord.

When I think about excellence, I’m envisioning a gold standard at CCS that makes us distinctive in Christian education, not just in our area, but across the state and country. Based on our high expectations, we should, by default, always be a leading example of how to graduate the next generation of Christian leaders.

Finally, the third chord that makes up the approach to education here at Cypress Christian School is partnership. Partnership, of course, between parents and the school. The bottom line here is parenting is not an easy endeavor, and the value of a like-minded institution of education is at an all-time high, and because of the cumulative impact of all of our time, talent and gifts, and the huge involvement of your family, we can create an educational experience for our kids that will position them to have a Kingdom impact while succeeding in and shaping our society.

Culture, excellence and partnership, the three chords of distinction of Cypress Christian School that tie together our Warrior mission.