Remember Your Name!

What do we want our kids to KNOW when they hear their name? Please check out this 75-second challenge from CCS Executive Director, Dr. Jeff Potts, for all of us!

Kristin and I want to raise our boys to be proud of their family name and know it stands for something. A wise man once told me I could quiz his kids and ask them what it meant to be a “Smith”. I was inspired by the answers I was repeatedly given by each son in the Smith family.

We love Jesus and we take care of girls, especially mommy, and we are friends to those that don’t have a friend and we are leaders and we are tough. Those five trues were what one father had instilled in his sons as the essence of being a Smith. They were the Smith family core values.

Each day when they got out of the car for school, Dad would simply say, “Remember your name.” Those three words were all that was needed to remind the boys what their dad expected of them when he was away. What a great gift those kids were given with just a little bit of intentionality by their dad.

I wonder what my boys think it means to be a Potts.