Student Life

Grandparents and Special Friends Day (K-5)

On Friday, February 16, 2024, CCS celebrated Grandparents and Special Friends Day. This is always an exciting day for our elementary students. Hundreds of grandparents and special friends were welcomed with coffee and breakfast, a special welcome and greeting from President, Dr. Jeff Potts. During the chapel service in honor of CCS grandparents and special friends, the elementary grade levels each performed for their special guests.

The theme for Grandparents and Special Friends Day this year was “Grow in Love”. After chapel, students led their special guests through several stations. Students designed flower pots in art class for their grandparents. There was a planting station for students and grandparents to plant wheat grass seeds in their pots and they were able to decorate plant markers that were printed with elementary’s 3D printers. Professional photographers were available with two fun backdrops for photo opportunities. Students also enjoyed taking their grandparents to their classrooms to meet their teachers and show off all the hard work they have been doing in school. We at CCS feel blessed to have so many grandparents enjoy this event with us.

Thank you to everyone who joined our elementary students for a fun and memorable morning.

Grandparents & Special Friends Day 2024