Chapel Speaker Al Jowdy

Chapel Speaker Al Jowdy

This week in chapel, middle and high school students had the unique opportunity to hear the amazing story of Mr. Al Jowdy. Mr. Jowdy was born in San Antonio in 1927. He was the sixth of nine children, growing up in a two-bedroom, one-bath home. At the age of 15, he altered his baptismal certificate to say he was 17 and enlisted in the Navy. In his first six months of duty, he recovered bodies from the Pearl Harbor bombing and two different ships he was stationed on were torpedoed, resulting in him twice having to survive on life rafts in the South Pacific. 

Our students were mesmerized by his stories and storytelling. It is a rare gift to have a 96-year-old be so clear in thought with the ability to clearly describe some of America’s most important stories. The students walked away with an even greater appreciation for the “Greatest Generation”. A seventh-grader was quoted to say, “I could listen to him forever.”

We are grateful to the Granato family for making the introduction of Mr. Jowdy to Mr. Williamson and CCS.

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TAPPS State Swim Competition 2024

TAPPS State Swim 2024

The Warrior Swim Team competed in the TAPPS State Swim Meet on Wednesday, February 14, in San Antonio. The Warriors were represented by 16 athletes and competed in four relay events and six individual events.

The girls’ team was represented by juniors Audrey Fransen, Katie Schmitt and Jadie Weatherly; sophomores Madeline Boctor, Zoe Brashier, Annie Burgos, Jana Faraclas, Kayla Geyer and Ali Richard; and freshman Lexie Stamos. They placed 22nd out of the 28 schools represented in Division III with Brashier, Richard, Schmitt and Weatherly also scoring points in individual events – the 100 Breastroke, 200 IM, 100 Butterfly and 200 Freestyle, respectively.

The Warrior boys team was represented by seniors Ayden Farrell, Brody Johnson, Reagan Lubs and Will Simcik; junior Noah Utley; and freshman David Achterkirch. The boys’ team placed 13th out of the 28 schools represented in Division III with Johnson scoring in the 100 Breastroke and Utley placing and breaking a new school record in the 100 Freestyle with a 54.05. The boys had an outstanding performance in the 200 Freestyle Relay with a new school record of 1:43.18 by Lubs, Johnson, Simcik and Utley and ended the meet with another big bang by placing fifth overall in the 400 Freestyle Relay.

Coach Nugent and Coach Hamm are very proud of all of the swimmers. From the early morning practices to the exciting moments of competition, each team member has exemplfied the true spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie. From the seasoned seniors to the promising freshmen, they have formed a bond that transcends the pool, forging friendships that will last a lifetime. The swim program at CCS has a strong foundation to build upon and the future indeed looks bright. Way to go, Warriors!

TAPPS Solo & Ensemble Competition

CCS singers wowed judges at this year’s TAPPS Solo and Ensemble competition! The CCS middle school ensemble came home with a I-Superior Rating (highest possible) for their performance of the French chanson, “Je le vous dirait”.

Cypress Christian School took a total of 41 soloists to competition, middle school and high school combined, 30 of which were first-time soloists at TAPPS Solo and Ensemble. Of these singers, the following students received a I-Superior Rating (highest possible) from the TAPPS judge for their solo performances:

  • Middle School – Molly Ahrendt, Amanda Atkins, Ethan Bryon, Kira Farrington, Owen Layton, Chelsea Scott, Elliana Sproule and Sydney Swan
  • High School – Dyllen Baptiste, Jaeda Dumas, Erica Davenport, Pepper Eichelberger, Evan Ellington, Daniel Hamm, Rayne Harris, Melody Janz, Maddie McCown, Emily Muse, Madison Mynes, Jeykei Ortiguero, Caleb Poirrier, Aidan Salazar, Bella Thomas, Ashleigh Townsend, Noah Utley, Jadie Weatherly and Camille Zemke.

The following students received the TAPPS All-State Honor Award, given to students who received a I-Superior Rating when singing a solo at the most challenging level:

  • Pepper Eichelberger, Rayne Harris, Emily Muse, Madison Mynes, Caleb Poirrier, Ashleigh Townsend and Camille Zemke.

Congratulations, students! CCS Chamber Choir will travel to Waco for TAPPS State Large Ensemble contest in April. 

Lemonade Day Results

When Junior Achievement was no longer an option for our elementary school students, Dr. Allen began searching for alternative curriculum that matched our mission of cultural impact. Ryan Fisk, Rowan Smith and Ian Barrow approached Dr. Allen to suggest Lemonade Day, whose mission is to help today’s youth become the business leaders, social advocates, community volunteers and forward-thinking citizens of tomorrow…one lemonade stand at a time.

With strong support from the elementary faculty, Fisk, Smith, Barrow, our NHS students and our fourth and fifth-grade students were challenged to build a business plan, purchase required supplies and run a lemonade stand. Each group of students worked in teams to identify pricing and marketing strategies and plan execution. They completed the curriculum on January 25, as the East Gym hosted 15 lemonade stands, alongside the bustling activities for Run-4-Fun. 

But it wasn’t just about the lemonade or learning — it was about the impact. Every dollar of the over $3,000 raised went directly to three local charities, amplifying the reach of these young changemakers far beyond their lemonade stands. With each donation, they planted seeds of hope and kindness, nurturing a culture of giving back that will continue to flourish for years to come.

National Signing Day 2024

Approximately 7% of high school athletes go on to play college sports. These 10 Warrior athletes have signed letters of intent to play their sport at the next level in a class of 82 seniors. This is over 12% of the Class of 2024!

  • Mariana Van Dyk – Track & Field – Abilene Christian University
  • Parker Hirth – Track & Field – Texas A&M University – Kingsville
  • Caden Clinton – Gymnastics – University of Nebraska
  • Brody Johnson – Football – Oklahoma Baptist University
  • Jacob Rauch – Football – Colorado School of Mines
  • Jacob Lukaszewski – Baseball – Centenary College of Louisiana
  • Xavier Sanchez – Baseball – Howard Payne University
  • Brandon Williams – Baseball – East Texas Baptist University
  • Drew Mestayer – Baseball – East Texas Baptist University
  • Ameron Sheikh – Baseball – University of Texas – Dallas

Congratulations, Warriors! We are so proud of you!

Computer Software Engineering with Legos

The Principles of Engineering class had the opportunity to play with Legos. The Lego kits were not just basic kits, they included a program that the students were able to use to code the creations to move. One type of engineering that overlaps with the commonly known computer science coding world is computer software engineering. Students were introduced to the similarities of these fields of study and then allowed to code in some online programs as well as see their computer codes come to life with Legos.

Capstone Engineering Partners with Reach Unlimited

Mrs. Yaw’s senior capstone engineering class spent January meeting with their clients and brainstorming ideas for their projects. Partnering with Reach Unlimited, the students met with clients and learned the needs that each group will need to meet for their spring semester projects. After brainstorming ideas for a solution, each group decided on a design and began planning how to execute it. To gain ideas on what they would need to complete their projects, Mrs. Yaw took her class to Home Depot to explore supplies they could utilize. The teams look forward to the rest of the semester and will continue to work through the design process to exceed the needs of those at Reach Unlimited.

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Winners 2024

Mrs. Eichelberger is so proud of the secondary art students and their participation in the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Art Contest. 

High School Winners:

  • First place – Cailea Chalton
  • Second place – Anya Hull, Rayne Harris, Connie Quaglia, Brooke Intrau
  • Third place – Corinne Keim, Reagan Lubs, Sasha Farrington, Bria Lloyd, Caden Clinton

Middle School WInners:

  • Second place – Aemilia Crawford, Audrey Petru, Katie Krueckeberg, Lucas Wolfswinkel
  • Third place – Emma Oliverson, Max Bernhart, Mason Bickle, Allie Kate Stovall, Camille Allain, Bailey Hickey

Great job, Warrior artists!

Warrior Dance Team – 2024 State Champions!

The Warrior Dance Team won the state champion title at the Division IV TAPPS Dance competition held in Waco on January 13, 2024. The team received superior ratings for both their jazz and pom performances.

Ester Torres-Pinheiro and Allison Zaccari were selected First-Team All State in their division.

Congratulations to the team and coach for this amazing accomplishment! 

Spiritual Emphasis Days 2024

Monday and Tuesday, January 22-23, CCS held Spiritual Emphasis Days to provide students with a pause from their ordinary academic schedules in order to hear from God’s Word, participate in worship through song and think through what it looks like to follow the Lord with their everyday lives. Champion Forest Baptist Church graciously hosted both days, providing hospitality, a worship team and a myriad of activities for students to participate in. 

Middle school welcomed Mr. Taylor Stricklin, middle school pastor at Champion Forest, as the keynote speaker. He passionately unpacked lessons from the Bible that all dealt with individuals who fell asleep and the consequences that came to them and others. Whether exploring the story of Eli from the Old Testament or Eutychus, who fell asleep as Paul preached and then fell to the ground from the third story window, Taylor’s impassioned plea was for students to encounter the Lord Jesus and not spiritually sleep. After each of his talks, students gathered into discussion groups to dig in to the teaching. Forty juniors and seniors served as small-group leaders. Ten middle schoolers publicly committed their lives to following Jesus during the last large group session on Tuesday. 

An important idea for elementary students was that we need to confess (spit out) our sin. If we confess, Jesus promises to forgive us and Satan can’t make us feel guilty. We can also struggle with the idea of turning the other cheek, being slow to anger and being loving to others.

Takeaways from elementary students/classes:

  • TKA: We learned about God and being a real Christian.
  • KD: Being an authentic Christian means you’re the real deal. Christians feel bad when they don’t obey God. They always say sorry. They walk away when people are rude.
  • 1A: Being an authentic Christian means to be a real Christian. A real Christian loves God, loves others, prays, reads the Bible and follows God’s commands. 
  • 1B: Being an authentic Christian means you are the real deal. You can ask God for forgiveness when you sin. You love and forgive others. 
  • 2C: God is the Lord and Savior. Authentic Christians share the gospel, feel bad when they sin and are doers of the Word. 
  • 4B: To be an authentic Christian, you have to love others, believe Jesus is Lord, be a real deal Christian, be a “doer” for Christ. 
  • 5B: Being an authentic Christian, aka the real deal, means being doers of the Word. You can see from one of their journal entries what it means to be a doer of His Word. 
  • Kendall’s friends in their own words: Being an authentic Christian is to be the real deal, to lay your life down for God, to love one another. If you want to be an authentic Christian, God has to be the King of your life. Authentic means you are the real deal. I learned how to know God and come closer to Him. We are to love one another and be kind.

CCS would like to thank the entire Champion Forest Baptist staff and volunteers who contributed to welcoming us and caring for our students for these two days. Our prayer is that each student who participated will find their walk with God deepened as they take the next step toward Christlikeness.