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Warrior Leadership Academy

The Cypress Christian School Warrior Leadership Academy participates in the Student Leadership University (SLU) program. Student Leadership University’s mission is to develop and equip student leaders to think, dream and lead. We strive to instill future tense thinking, character-driven decision-making, ownership of biblical values and a commitment to influence through service.

Students who participate in Warrior Leadership Academy attend leadership lunches led by Coach Kris Hogan, Director of Culture, monthly. Students also have the opportunity to be a part of the Student Professional Coalition where professionals in different fields including engineering, aviation, finance, architecture and real estate, come to CCS to speak to students about their profession and answer questions.

Students attend trips organized by SLU that include:

SLU 101 San Antonio

Shape your students’ future through the ultimate experience at SLU 101! Your students will begin their leadership journey by understanding that Leadership begins at the feet of Jesus. From behind the scenes at SeaWorld to world-class speakers in exclusive learning environments, SLU 101 teaches your students the practical, relational and life skills to change the way they think, dream and lead!

SLU 201 Washington, D.C.

Building on the foundation of personal leadership learned at SLU 101, SLU 201 will equip you to lead as a citizen and catalyst for change. Explore the ten foundational components of SLU 201 as you discover your own role in our society’s future.

SLU 301 London, Oxford, Normandy, Paris

Inherit the past. Shape the future. Continue your leadership journey by learning to think bigger about the world as we dive deep into history around Europe. We want you to experience the sacrifices made in the past and consider the worldviews of great philosophers who have paved the way for us. At SLU 301, you will learn you are called to shape history and leave a legacy for Jesus that is larger than yourself.

SLU 401 Israel and Jordan

Leadership Begins at the Feet of Jesus. The final step of the SLU journey begins at the birthplace of our faith. After you walk through Scripture at SLU 401, in the footsteps of the most incredible servant leader and teacher our world has ever known, you will never read the Bible the same way again. Not only is faith brought to life, but you will better understand your role in God’s redemptive story and that true leadership begins at the feet of Jesus.

Student Leadership University News

Students in the Warrior Leadership Academy traveled to London, Normandy and Oxford to experience Student Leadership University 301 last week. The goal of our Student Leadership Program is to give our students a decade head start on their peers across
CCS Warrior Leadership Academy students traveled to Washington, D.C. for their Student Leadership University 201 experience
Twenty-eight freshmen students began their Student Leadership University journey by attending the SLU 101 conference in San Antonio. This is the first step in a four-year pathway to develop strong, active Christian leaders who will allow God to use them
Around 30 Warrior Leadership Academy students from CCS traveled to Charleston, SC for their Student Leadership University 301 stateside experience.…

Forty-four Warrior Leadership Academy students from CCS traveled to Washington, D.C. for their Student Leadership University 201 experience. The conference began with a livestream interview and question and answer session […]

Fifty-three freshmen students began their Student Leadership University journey by attending the SLU 101 conference in San Antonio. This is the first step in a four-year pathway to develop strong, active Christian […]



Last week, members of the Warrior Leadership Academy joined Director of Culture, Coach Kris Hogan for lunch where he reminded everyone that there are always three things people talk about:

  1. People – which is the lowest level of conversation
  2. Events – a neutral kind of conversation
  3. Ideas – the highest level of conversation you can have

Ideas to consider:

All hard or big decisions should be made in advance. 

Think about going to church once you are in college. No one is there to remind you to get up, so if you do not decide you’re going to make an effort to choose a church before that first Sunday in college, you are probably going to hit snooze on the alarm clock and just skip it. 

There are no ‘correct’ answers in life, only tradeoffs. 

You would like to stay close to home when going to college, that’s a good decision. However, remember that you might be trading off that there is a better college for you further away. Staying close to home, going further away, neither is right or wrong, you just have to trade off one for the other. 

Missing church during college doesn’t mean that you are a bad person, but you did decide to trade the temporary comfort of extra sleep for the message that may have spoken something important into your life or the group of people that you would have liked to meet with. Every decision is a tradeoff. 

What can you do to make the biggest impact on society?

Find a godly spouse and raise a godly family.