The Little Mermaid

The Cypress Christian School Theatre Department treated audiences to an amazing production of The Little Mermaid on March 24-26, 2022, at The MET Church.

Everything about this show was bigger. The audience, the size of the cast and crew, the number of costumes, set pieces and hours of rehearsal. Attendance of the show was record breaking with over 700 in attendance at Friday night’s performance, and over 1,400 at all three performances. The show included 49 actors (grades 4-12), 22 tech students and four directors. The actors poured their hearts into over 145 hours of rehearsals.

The main roles of Ariel (Jessica Atkins, grade 11), Eric (Gray Layton, grade 9), Triton (Jackson Murrill, grade 12), Sebastian (Aidan Salazar, grade 8) and Ursula (Gia Granato, grade 11), were supported by the fantastic cast of Meresisters, Flounder, Scuttle, Eels, Chef Louis, Maids, Sailors, Chefs, Under Sea Creatures and Lake Creatures.

We could not have done the show without our amazing theatre families that provided many of our props and costume pieces as well as financial support and encouragement. Thanks also to The MET Church for letting us use their facilities for the week and for their hospitality.

Performance Video