Beauty & the Beast

The Cypress Christian School Theatre and Music Departments treated audiences to an amazing production of "Beauty and the Beast" on March 7, 8 and 9 at The MET Church.

Every aspect of this show was bigger, brighter and more powerful than previous productions. “Beauty and the Beast” encouraged audience members with a message that encouraged hospitality, positive relationships and perseverance. The show included 62 actors (grades 4-12), 21 tech students and four directors.

The main roles of Belle (Ashleigh Townsend, grade 12), Beast (Micah Humphrey, grade 11), Gaston (Robbie Mynes, grade 12), Lumiere (Jackson Broussard, grade 12), Cogsworth (David Romero, grade 11), Mrs. Potts (Rayne Harris, grade 12), Chip (Harmony Smalls, grade 7), LeFou (Aidan Salazar, grade 10), Madame de la Grande Bouche (Nicole Santos, grade 11) and Babette (Emily Muse, grade 11), were supported by the fantastic cast of silly girls, townspeople, enchanted objects, wolves and gargoyles. Patrons in attendance of the show were wowed with amazing costumes, projections, acting and vocals! Every aspect of the show allowed students to shine and glorify God with their talents.

We could not have done the show without the support of our amazing families who provided many of our props and costume pieces as well as financial support and encouragement. Thanks also to The MET Church for allowing us to use their facilities for the week and for their hospitality.

Performance Video