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CCS School Membership and Voting Eligibility

2023 Archive

To be eligible to vote in any CCS Member Meetings this school year, you must meet the following qualifications to become a school member:

  1. Be a (a) current parent/legal guardian with custodial rights of a child enrolled in the school; (b) grandparent of a child enrolled in the school; (c) current full-time employee of the school; or (d) current board member; 
  2. Subscribe in writing to the school’s Philosophy and Statement of Faith and Doctrine; 
  3. Be in good financial standing with the school within 30 days of a vote;
  4. Be present at a meeting to vote.

If you already signed the appropriate forms in the student enrollment process and are qualified to vote in CCS Member Meetings, you should have already received an email informing you that you are on our verified voting member list.

If you, or someone you know, including a grandparent, has not yet filled out the required forms to be placed on this year’s verified voting member list, please follow the instructions provided below to become eligible.

 Parents can fill out the 23-24 School Membership Form in FACTS SIS:

  • Log in to your individual FACTS SIS parent account (District Code is CCCS-HOU). Each parent must be logged into their personal FACTS account, not their spouse’s.
  • Go to School >Web Forms>2023-2024 School Membership
  • Fill out the form and submit

If you cannot access the FACTS SIS form, or are a grandparent, you can print out the form at this link and drop it off at the school office or scan and email it to [email protected]. All forms are due by Monday, September 11, 2023.

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Simcik at 832.678.0126 or [email protected].