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I believe God has prepared our community to move forward to strengthen the Kingdom impact of Cypress Christian School for generations to come.  This is a moment of institutional legacy building. This is our time to lead.  This is The Bridge to Our Future!
Dr. Jeffrey D. Potts, Executive Director
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The Bridge to Our Future

Since its founding in 1978, Cypress Christian School has become a leading Christian college-preparatory institution rooted in academic excellence and biblical values. We strive to have a Kingdom impact in everything we do, wisely stewarding the opportunities the Lord has provided us. Over the past decade, we have experienced tremendous growth as one of the most sought-after private Christian schools in the Greater Houston region. Recently, Cypress Christian School was named the top 4A private school in the state, winning the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools 2021 Henderson Cup for 4A schools in Texas.

However, it has become increasingly evident that the size and location of the current campus can’t meet the expanding needs of our school community. We are outgrowing our facilities and need more space to accommodate the student body in order to provide the highest level of education and resources that will equip our students for success as next-generation leaders.

A change is necessary to uphold our mission of honoring the Lord Jesus Christ by providing students an education based on academic excellence and biblical values. We, in turn, will dedicate time and energy to building culture, pursuing excellence, and resourcing growth. Cypress Christian School has been presented with a divine opportunity that has been prayerfully and thoughtfully considered by the Board of Directors and administrative leadership, presented now to our members and friends: we believe we are being led to relocate our campus to the Bridgeland community. We believe this decision is The Bridge to Our Future.


An Invitation from Our Leaders

Lyle Williams

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Jeffrey D. Potts

Executive Director

First, we want to thank each of you for choosing to be part of the Warrior family and trusting our exceptional leadership, faculty, and staff with your child’s education. We have come to a crossroads, a legacy-building opportunity that will strengthen the Kingdom impact of Cypress Christian School for generations to come. The vision that God has in store for us will be best realized if we journey together and unite in the wonderful opportunity presented.                                    

For the past three years, the Leadership Team and Board of Directors have joined together weekly, covering each discussion and decision in prayer. Witnessing the thoughtfulness and dedication behind each detail of this dream has been a great inspiration to us, personally, and we hope it similarly encourages you that no matter what, the best interest of the Warrior family and the future of Cypress Christian School remain our top priorities. We are confident that God is calling us according to Cypress Christian School’s established mission of “honoring the Lord Jesus Christ by providing students an education based upon academic excellence and biblical values.”

The Board stands behind our current administrative leadership, believing in their character and that God has brought them to us and gifted them with exceptional skills and wisdom to guide and direct our school during this transition.                                                        

The One Heart culture embodied by the Warrior family has only been made possible by the outstanding people who make up our community. Each and every individual plays an essential role in who we are as Cypress Christian School. The buildings and facilities do not make up Cypress Christian School but rather serve as a place that houses the Warrior heart. Moving to Bridgeland creates the opportunity for Cypress Christian School to prosper and thrive in a new setting while maintaining the feeling of home, where we foster community and can take part in daily life with one another.

We invite each one of you to join in praying for the future of Cypress Christian School, that we can continue to be good stewards of the opportunity that God has placed before us. Together, with God’s provision, we will become Cypress Christian School at Bridgeland.


Lyle Williams, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Dr. Jeffrey D. Potts, Executive Director