Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Cypress Christian School Considering a Move to Bridgeland?

By moving to Bridgeland, Cypress Christian School will obtain what we believe is a God-given opportunity to fulfill our dreams of expanding our vision and mission. The 40-acre Bridgeland campus will encompass over 130,000 square feet with room to grow and the ability to welcome up to 1,000 students. Additionally, beautiful new facilities will enhance our academic and athletic excellence and provide an opportunity in the near future to magnify our STEM, music and fine arts programs.
Our current campus in Cypress is out of space. Having nearly reached our peak enrollment capacity, Cypress Christian School has limited room for growth. The resident population of the neighborhoods that surround our current location no longer feed the school; a majority of our families already commute a minimum of 15 minutes each day. Cypress Christian School wants to continue serving more students and strengthening our One Heart culture by providing the highest quality facilities, resources and programs so students and faculty can better succeed, achieve excellence and broaden our collective Kingdom impact.
The new location would be at the intersection of Bridgeland Creek Parkway and Prairieland Crossing, across 99 from Bridgeland High School.
The Bridgeland community is seeking a private school for the development and has approached Cypress Christian School with this opportunity. Timing is critical. If Cypress Christian School does not take advantage of this relocation, another school will benefit from an established presence in this new, dynamic, up-and-coming community. It is an honor for our school to be the one they desire to bring in to help the community flourish. The Bridgeland/Cypress Christian School relocation will provide: 1) an exceptional school in an exceptional development, 2) a shorter commute for the majority of our families, 3) room to grow our student body by welcoming additional families and 4) a state-of-the-art-facility with room for expansion.
Cypress Christian School is in a great position with cash flow and a solid balance sheet. We intend to fund the relocation and development with long-term financing and a capital campaign.
Over the past 10 years, tuition increases have averaged 6% annually to cover expanding programming and salary increases for our faculty and staff. While this will remain consistent in the future, additional tuition increases to pay for the new campus will not occur.
The admissions standard will be exactly the same. One of the secrets to the success and culture throughout our history has been partnering with like-minded, Bible-believing families who align with our values. We will never compromise in this area. We will attract young families in the growing Bridgeland community who fit our culture and ultimately will contribute to Cypress Christian School having a greater Kingdom impact on our students and the surrounding community.
The One Heart culture of Cypress Christian School has been carefully curated to unite students, parents, faculty and leadership together as one big family. In order to successfully maintain our unique culture, Cypress Christian School has prioritized an intentional focus on its people, mindset and action throughout the entirety of the relocation initiative and far into our possible future at Bridgeland. Cypress Christian School has also designated a senior-level administrator as the “Director of Culture,” who facilitates, upholds and fosters the environment and values established. Our Board and leadership are committed to ensuring Cypress Christian School will not move at the expense of our culture.
The institution will maintain the Cypress Christian School name but may, at some point down the line, simply add at Bridgeland to the byline.
Yes, however, moving to the new location will eventually allow Cypress Christian School to add more classes, expand programming and employ additional teachers.
All existing co-curricular programs will remain an important emphasis and focus at Cypress Christian School at Bridgeland with significant opportunities to grow and expand our facilities and resources.
The move will allow our students to maintain their current competitive successes in those areas and the new, state-of-the-art facilities also provide further growth opportunities.
The move is under the direction of the Leadership Team and the Board, all of whom are in 100% agreement with the decision. They have been prayerfully considering and navigating the potential for relocation, sensing that this opportunity was presented by the Lord. We encourage all members of the Warrior family to support the school and take part in praying for the Lord’s wisdom, guidance and direction as we pursue this vision.
While we recognize some of our high school students and families will not personally benefit from the relocation, we are eager for them to join us in leaving a legacy for the next generation who follow in their footsteps, as others did before them. Though in a different location, Cypress Christian School will remain an alma mater of which they can be proud, and to which they will want to send their children because of the influence the school had on them. Our legacy-oriented, Kingdom-centric mindset is best strengthened and fulfilled through these relocation efforts.
For nearly 40 years, the current campus and neighboring community have been a blessing to Cypress Christian School. We have begun and will continue to prayerfully explore a range of options to include keeping and repurposing, leasing or selling the current school location.
This will be a single move with a master plan and a multi-phased approach for future expansion.
This will be a single move with a master plan and a multi-phased approach for future expansion.
The timeline is not yet “set in stone,” but rather still fluid and evolving at this early stage of the process. We anticipate a projected opening date for the new campus in 2025.



If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Craig Soudelier at 832-620-0445 or [email protected].