K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX


I am a Child of God! Yes, I am!

At Cypress Christian School, elementary students are learning how to worship. Students are learning how to pray, how to study God's word and understanding the importance of honoring and respecting others. But perhaps the most beautiful means by which our students show adoration to the Father is through worshiping together in Chapel. 


Elementary Students Use Puppets for Worship in Chapel

Recently, elementary students used puppets to lead worship in both elementary and secondary chapels. Puppet worship at CCS involves musicality, steady beat, synchronization, creativity and JESUS! 

Our third-graders performed worship songs for elementary chapel - declaring God’s promises, acknowledging His provision and confirming our unity in Christ. Fifth-graders performed Christian parodies for the middle school and high school students and staff. One song was a take on YMCA, asking the question about salvation: Y Not 2 Day? 


Third Grade Puppets - Worship in Elementary Chapel




Fifth Grade Puppets - Worship in Secondary Chapel