Volleyball Awards 2023

Volleyball Awards 2023 3

Warrior Volleyball celebrated and reflected on their season with the players and their families. All-district awards were awarded to the varsity team as well as the CCS team awards for both junior varsity and varsity teams. 

District Awards

  • First Team All-District – Melody Janz
  • Second Team All-District – Raquel Hernandez-Rodriguez
  • Honorable Mention – Riley Stevens, Mariana Van Dyk, Emily Muse, Connie Quaglia

CCS Team Awards


  • MVP – Melody Janz
  • Offensive Player of the Year – Mariana Van Dyk
  • Defensive Player of the Year – Raquel Hernandez-Rodriguez
  • Timothy Award (most Christ-like player) – Lilah Johnson
  • Most Improved Player – Corinne Keim
  • Outstanding Leadership Award – Riley Stephens
  • Incomer of the Year Award – Connie Quaglia

Junior Varsity:

  • MVP – Connie Quaglia
  • Offensive Player of the Year – Katelyn Bienko
  • Defensive Player of the Year – Allison Exum
  • Timothy Award (most Christ-like player) – Ellie Wisenbaker
  • Outstanding Server Award – Bella Thomas
  • Most Improved Player – Heather Haesly

Volleyball Senior Night 2023

Volleyball Senior Night 2023 1

We celebrated our volleyball seniors last Thursday night! They shared future plans, past memories and advice. The girls were represented well and cheered on by their family and friends for their last home game.

Middle School Volleyball 2023

Middle School Volleyball 2023 3

The middle school volleyball program took a clean sweep in their last game! They played Westbury’s middle school volleyball program; they were good opponents and a wonderful team to play! They made a great effort to try and win, but so did CCS. A, B and C teams all tried gave their best effort and took home wins. Thank you to the coaches who encouraged the teams to win this game and never hung their heads whether the teams were losing or winning.

The campus will reopen on Monday, July 15.

Power has been restored, and the campus will reopen on Monday, July 15, with regular summer hours and activities.