2024 Kindergarten Graduation

The Kindergarten class of 2024 entertained an audience full of family and friends during their graduation ceremony on Monday evening, May 20, at TheMET Church. 46 kindergarteners recited 27 scripture verses and sang three songs – the last of which was a show-stopper about moving up to first grade. Our four kindergarten teachers presented each of their students with a character trait award, and each student told what they wanted to be when they grew up. It was a sweet time of celebration. Congratulations to our new first graders!

Bridgeland Campus Groundbreaking

We were blessed to hold the groundbreaking ceremony on Friday, February 23 for the new Cypress Christian School campus in Bridgeland, opening in August 2025. Dr. Jeff Potts and the Board of Directors prayed over the campus before the ceremony.

Mike Slabic, Dr. Potts and Scott Mestayer spoke, fifth-grader Berkleigh Elsner led the pledges and junior Ryan Fisk said a prayer over the ceremony. The ground was broken by the Board and Dr. Potts and Board Member Stacy Fransen closed the ceremony in prayer. “We are not only here today to celebrate groundbreaking, we are also here to recognize that there has never been a greater need in our nation for what will be happening under the roof of this building and out on the fields of this campus. Increasing the scope and impact of Christian leadership in our community and our country through an academically rigorous and Christ-focused education experience is what we believe this new campus will do.” – Mike Slabic, Chairman of the CCS Board of Directors

Community Impact article

Lemonade Day Results

When Junior Achievement was no longer an option for our elementary school students, Dr. Allen began searching for alternative curriculum that matched our mission of cultural impact. Ryan Fisk, Rowan Smith and Ian Barrow approached Dr. Allen to suggest Lemonade Day, whose mission is to help today’s youth become the business leaders, social advocates, community volunteers and forward-thinking citizens of tomorrow…one lemonade stand at a time.

With strong support from the elementary faculty, Fisk, Smith, Barrow, our NHS students and our fourth and fifth-grade students were challenged to build a business plan, purchase required supplies and run a lemonade stand. Each group of students worked in teams to identify pricing and marketing strategies and plan execution. They completed the curriculum on January 25, as the East Gym hosted 15 lemonade stands, alongside the bustling activities for Run-4-Fun. 

But it wasn’t just about the lemonade or learning — it was about the impact. Every dollar of the over $3,000 raised went directly to three local charities, amplifying the reach of these young changemakers far beyond their lemonade stands. With each donation, they planted seeds of hope and kindness, nurturing a culture of giving back that will continue to flourish for years to come.

Spiritual Emphasis Days 2024

Monday and Tuesday, January 22-23, CCS held Spiritual Emphasis Days to provide students with a pause from their ordinary academic schedules in order to hear from God’s Word, participate in worship through song and think through what it looks like to follow the Lord with their everyday lives. Champion Forest Baptist Church graciously hosted both days, providing hospitality, a worship team and a myriad of activities for students to participate in. 

Middle school welcomed Mr. Taylor Stricklin, middle school pastor at Champion Forest, as the keynote speaker. He passionately unpacked lessons from the Bible that all dealt with individuals who fell asleep and the consequences that came to them and others. Whether exploring the story of Eli from the Old Testament or Eutychus, who fell asleep as Paul preached and then fell to the ground from the third story window, Taylor’s impassioned plea was for students to encounter the Lord Jesus and not spiritually sleep. After each of his talks, students gathered into discussion groups to dig in to the teaching. Forty juniors and seniors served as small-group leaders. Ten middle schoolers publicly committed their lives to following Jesus during the last large group session on Tuesday. 

An important idea for elementary students was that we need to confess (spit out) our sin. If we confess, Jesus promises to forgive us and Satan can’t make us feel guilty. We can also struggle with the idea of turning the other cheek, being slow to anger and being loving to others.

Takeaways from elementary students/classes:

  • TKA: We learned about God and being a real Christian.
  • KD: Being an authentic Christian means you’re the real deal. Christians feel bad when they don’t obey God. They always say sorry. They walk away when people are rude.
  • 1A: Being an authentic Christian means to be a real Christian. A real Christian loves God, loves others, prays, reads the Bible and follows God’s commands. 
  • 1B: Being an authentic Christian means you are the real deal. You can ask God for forgiveness when you sin. You love and forgive others. 
  • 2C: God is the Lord and Savior. Authentic Christians share the gospel, feel bad when they sin and are doers of the Word. 
  • 4B: To be an authentic Christian, you have to love others, believe Jesus is Lord, be a real deal Christian, be a “doer” for Christ. 
  • 5B: Being an authentic Christian, aka the real deal, means being doers of the Word. You can see from one of their journal entries what it means to be a doer of His Word. 
  • Kendall’s friends in their own words: Being an authentic Christian is to be the real deal, to lay your life down for God, to love one another. If you want to be an authentic Christian, God has to be the King of your life. Authentic means you are the real deal. I learned how to know God and come closer to Him. We are to love one another and be kind.

CCS would like to thank the entire Champion Forest Baptist staff and volunteers who contributed to welcoming us and caring for our students for these two days. Our prayer is that each student who participated will find their walk with God deepened as they take the next step toward Christlikeness.

Elementary Basketball Night

The CCS basketball programs were pleased to offer our first Elementary Basketball Night last week. It was a festive and fun atmosphere as we celebrated our fourth and fifth-grade teams and cheered on the future stars of the basketball program while they performed at the halftime of the games. Their energy and enthusiasm propelled both teams to victory vs. Logos Prep.

2023 Christmas Program


On Thursday, December 7, the sanctuary of The MET Church was filled with the sounds of Christmas. Our youngest TK Warriors opened the evening with a song, followed by amazing performances from the secondary choirs. With the help of high school drama students and members of the drumline, our K-5 students honored the Lord Jesus while performing “The Little Drummer Dude.” Thanks to the CCS fine arts directors, faculty, staff, students, volunteers and the staff at The MET Church for making this event a joyful and God-honoring occasion. Merry Christmas! 

Fifth-Grade Retreat at Carolina Creek

Fifth graders had the opportunity to attend a Fifth-Grade Retreat at Carolina Creek Camp. The fifth-grade students who attended were able to spend three days and two nights working on team building, getting to know each other better and growing spiritually.

Fifth graders had the opportunity to attend a Fifth-Grade Retreat at Carolina Creek Camp. The fifth-grade students who attended were able to spend three days and two nights working on team building, getting to know each other better and growing spiritually.

Students were broken into four small groups to enjoy Bible study and group activities. The theme for the retreat was Isaiah 43:1-4 and students learned that God has not forgotten them, God knows them by name and God restores them. Students enjoyed a keynote speaker and small group Bible discussions each day. Students also learned about the attributes of God while enjoying team-building activities like crate stacking, climbing the giant ladder, kayaking, cable park (knee-boarding), adventure park (ropes course), arrow tag, ziplining and target sporks (archery and tomahawks). On the last day, our teams got to practice working together to solve several puzzles and gather the tools they needed to rescue their group leader who was “kidnapped” and stranded in the middle of the lake. It was great to watch the students learn how to work together and encourage one another while completing different tasks. Overall, the students grew closer together as a group and closer to God.

Houston Interactive Aquarium & Animal Preserve

Houston Interactive Aquarium & Animal Preserve

Third graders visited the Houston Interactive Aquarium and Animal Preserve on Tuesday. They were able to see, touch and feed animals from many different habitats. Some of the students’ favorites were petting stingrays, holding chickens and feeding birds out of their hands. It was a wonderful experience for all!

Daddy Daughter Dance

Daddy Daughter Dance

Last Friday evening, elementary dads and daughters gathered for our first Daddy Daughter “Candyland” Dance. They had a sweet night that included tiaras, dancing, playing games, face painting, a balloon artist, craft station and candy bar complete with cotton candy machine. The night was full of laughter and fun was had by all. We are looking forward to this becoming an annual event. Thank you to all the volunteers who made it possible.

Spelling Bee Winners

Spelling Bee Winners

Our second through fifth-grade students have been working hard preparing for the spelling bee! We are so proud of all of them! Ten to 15 students from each grade level made it to the final round and competed for first, second and third place on Friday, January 27.

Winners are as follows:

Second Grade – first place: Clara, second place: Nathaniel, third place: Rebecca

Third Grade – first place: Jovi, second place: Evan, third place: Mila

Fourth Grade – first place: Bryce, second place: Eisley, third place: Landry

Fifth Grade – first place: Justice, second place: Kami, third place: Tripp

The campus will be closed Thursday, July 11 & Friday, July 12.
The campus remains closed, and all activities are canceled for the rest of this week due to the ongoing power outage. An update about next week’s activities will be provided on Sunday, July 14.