Artsonia is the largest student art museum in the world! Every student can have an online art gallery and keep their masterpieces in a digital portfolio!

Student Digital Portfolios

Artsonia works with art teachers worldwide to create online school art galleries and student digital portfolios.

Connecting with Families

Parents and relatives view the artwork online, leave comments for the artist, and order custom keepsakes with the artwork imprinted.

Raising Funds for Art Programs

Artsonia also offers a fundraising option where 20% of all custom keepsake purchases are donated back to the school art program.

Top Quality Products

Artsonia is proud to offer the best quality products with child’s artwork imprinted on it. The 100% satisfaction guarantee means you’ll always be happy with your purchase.

Safe & Secure Website

Artsonia is iKeepsafe-certified, a Future Privacy Forum member, and they work with thousands of schools (and often their lawyers). You can be sure that Artsonia is a very safe and secure website.

Showcase your School Gallery

Your school gallery can be used as a classroom teaching aid or shared with the public (with parent permission) for everyone to enjoy!

Online Digital Portfolios are in High Demand!

Artsonia is the best way to organize digital files of ALL your students’ work in one place! Quickly access past and current projects to show students, parents and administrators.

Artsonia Awards:

  • Portfolio Award – Student earns this award for publishing 13 or more artworks during the current school year. Artwork must have parent permission and be visible on the website. 
  • Popular Artist Award – Student earns this award for having five or more members in their fan club and publishing at least on e artwork during the current school year. Artwork must have parent permission and be visible on the website.
  • Rave Review Award – Student earns this award for receiving five or more visitors comments duringthe current school year on any published artwork. Comments must be parent-approved and visible on the website. 
  • Hall of Fame Award – Student automatically earns this award once they win all three of the “ribbon” awards above.

Artsonia Important Questions & Answers

When deciding whether to participate in Artsonia, there are many questions that are commonly asked. Below are the most popular ones.

Do teachers need to get parental permission to publish their students’ artwork?

Yes. Parents need to register to provide permission for their child’s artwork to be displayed on the public gallery. Artsonia offers several simple tools to assist teachers in the parent registration process. Note: The permission given when parents register on Artsonia is applicable for the tenure of the student’s attendance at the school, so once the parent gives permission, the teacher can continue to build the student digital portfolio in future school years.

How do you ensure privacy for young students?

On the Artsonia website, each student is identified only by a “screenname” which is usually the student’s first name and number (e.g., Sarah22). Last names are not publicly posted on the website. Additionally, all comments are pre-approved by the registered parent before being posted for the artist, and all artist statements are approved by the teacher prior to being posted.

Who owns the copyright of the artwork submitted?

Artists retain ownership of their artwork. However, when the parent registers on our website, they grant Artsonia the right and license to, among other things, publish the artwork in the museum, on merchandise, and on Artsonia promotional material. Artsonia will always remove any artwork from its website upon request. For full details, see our Terms and Conditions at

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