K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX


Cypress Christian students develop a strong foundation in the core academic curriculum, including reading and writing skills, critical thinking, the ability to apply mathematical concepts and a broad understanding of the sciences and humanities. Carefully selected curriculum challenges elementary and secondary students and upholds the Christian standards Cypress Christian seeks to develop.

Scriptural truths are taught in daily Bible classes and are woven into the fabric of each academic discipline in a very practical, life changing way. The traditional classroom setting builds unity among students.

The following objectives guide curricular choices:

  • A consistent program of word attack and reading comprehension skills which promote critical reading and thinking;
  • A goal to challenge students to physical fitness, good sportsmanship, competitive proficiency and sound health habits.
  • Writing and communication skills to allow effective transmission of ideas and principles;
  • An appreciation of fine arts as creativity given to man by God, the Master Creator, and as means of worshipping and expressing admiration for Him;
  • An approach to Bible study that balances the impression of biblical knowledge with the expression of God's Word through the life of the student;
  • A focus on biblical creationism which integrates observable phenomena, inductive reasoning, and Scripture in training students in the inductive method of inquiry;
  • An approach to social studies which views historical facts and man's behavior in the light of Scripture and instills patriotic spirit;
  • A teaching perspective which evaluates and reviews literature from a technical, literary, and biblical viewpoint;
  • Instruction in the basic arithmetic skills that forms a basis for application to problem solving and reasoning ability in the development of mathematical and logical thinking;

Curriculum is designed to increase college-readiness by providing the academic background needed to succeed in a degree program at a college or university. Students consistently score above the national averages in both the SAT and ACT by the end of their senior year and are deemed college ready by the State of Texas admissions policies.

CCS English and history programs focus on an intensive study of the great writings, people, events, works and ideas that have impacted civilization. Coordination of curriculum among departments is stressed, providing the student with reinforcement of their studies. Science and math offer advanced track beginning with the freshman year. Honors level courses, as well as dual credit and AP classes are available.