K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

Governing Principles


The mission of Cypress Christian School is to honor the Lord Jesus Christ by providing students an education based upon academic excellence and biblical values.


The vision of Cypress Christian School is to positively impact culture by promoting truth, advancing the Christian faith, and equipping students to serve and lead with excellence.


The Board of Directors has the primary responsibility of ensuring that the school fulfills its Christian educational mission in a sustainable way in agreement with biblical principles, in accordance to the organization’s bylaws and in compliance with applicable laws. Members of the Board of Directors are elected by the school membership and serve for three-year terms. The Board of Directors hires and sets the policies of the school’s President/Head of School, who exercises the day-to-day management and operational leadership of the school as a whole.


We believe that our staff will play the single most critical role in achieving our mission. The faculty and staff of the school are committed Christians who seek to implement and demonstrate professional excellence and biblical values through their work at school. Our desire is to provide (1) compensation and benefit programs that enable the school to attract and retain qualified employees, (2) working conditions that enable employees to perform successfully in their jobs, (3) an administrative environment that facilitates the teaching process by establishing effective procedures, schedules and lines of communication and (4) employee development programs that encourage personal and professional development.


Understanding that the finances of CCS are a testimony to our families and to our community, all monetary policies and decisions are made to be consistent with biblical principles and the highest standards of financial integrity. Tuition and fees are structured to maintain a sound financial base for quality programs. Fundraising allows the school to serve students and provide improvements and programs that tuition dollars alone could not provide. The school desires to build and maintain a fiscal position that will allow the school to provide assistance to families that are committed to Christian education and who have demonstrated financial need.


The primary purpose of CCS is to provide students an education based upon academic excellence and biblical values. Therefore, all subjects integrate the absolute truths of the Bible and are taught in a way that will encourage the development of Christian character. We believe the teacher is the key to the educational process and a living part of the curriculum through their personal example and testimony. The academic curriculum will be committed to strong foundational skills in Bible, math, reading, writing, science, art, technology and history. The school is college preparatory in its programs and provides a wide variety of academic courses, quality instructional supplies and resources and a disciplined environment that encourages spiritual and academic excellence and physical well-being.


In addition to imparting intellectual knowledge, CCS provides opportunities for its students to develop and demonstrate physical, social, spiritual and emotional skills in a non-classroom setting. Co-curricular activities reflect the same biblical principles and standard of excellence as our academic programs.


Our facilities are a reflection on the character of our school and contribute to the morale of our school family. We will strive to make the appearance, functionality and instructional aids of our facilities enhance working conditions and ensure a sense of well-being, thereby enabling staff and students to perform to their greatest potential. Our priority will be to make optimum use of present facilities prior to committing to capital expansion to accommodate anticipated growth. In all cases, we will strive for prudent, cost-effective stewardship of the Lord's resources through sound maintenance and wise investment.