K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

Board of Directors

About the Cypress Christian School Board

The CCS Board of Directors provides CCS with overall direction and ensures the President fulfills the mission of the school. To accomplish this, the Board meets regularly with the President, the board’s one employee, to monitor and set overall school policy.

2023-2024 Board of Directors

Mike Slabic (Chairman), Stacey Fransen, Bobby Grimes, Wes Hickey, Ken Hotchkiss, Chuck Macune, Rich Petru, Tai Quarles, Sean Tackett, Brandon Wax and Lyle Williams

CCS Board Philosophy

The school follows the Policy Governance Model established by Dr. John Carver. Policy Governance dictates that the board's job is to decide the "ends" and the President's job is to work with employees to interpret and achieve more specific definitions of the board's ends. This approach reduces the mountains of paperwork boards often feel obliged to review and allows members to focus on their servant leadership role.

Member Duties

  • Provide perspective and insight on strategic planning and development
  • Provide feedback on resolving crucial issues for more effective operational planning and execution
  • Be well informed on meeting agenda and issues before meetings
  • Contribute skills, knowledge and experience when appropriate
  • Participate in organization decision making
  • Build collegial working relationship with other board members
  • Connect personal community network with CCS to support development

Membership Requirements

  • Publicly profess to be a Christian and regularly attend a Bible believing church
  • Agree with CCS Society’s philosophy and doctrinal statements in our by-laws
  • Must not be employed by CCS or be a spouse of a CCS employee