K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX


Computers are available throughout the campus in classrooms and resource areas for student use. In addition, students, from nearly any internet-connected device, can remotely connect to a school "desktop computer" through a web browser. While connected, the student has access to his or her files, Office 2016 and other student resources. With their Office 365 account, each student has the ability to download and install Microsoft Office on five of their own devices including phones, tablets, personal home laptops or PCs, regardless of the operating system (Windows, iOS or Android). Students are also able to use Microsoft One Drive to securely save and store their work.

At the secondary level, teachers use Schoology to post materials and assignments for their classes and interact with students in a secure online learning environment.

Technology is integrated into the classroom as needed in grades K-12.

      • Media / STEM Lab
      • Research / Writing Center
      • Classroom Workstations
      • Chromebook Alternate Workstations
      • Remote Desktop Service
      • Cloud-based Office365
      • Schoology Learning Management System