2023-2024 High School Awards

On Wednesday, May 22, award recipients and their families gathered with high school faculty and administration to celebrate service, academic, fine arts and athletics awards.

Service Awards

Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award

The Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award recognizes and rewards individuals, male or female, who possess the qualities of dependability, service, leadership and patriotism in their homes, schools and communities. The student selected to receive this year’s award is the definition of a servant leader, representing CCS with enthusiasm, integrity and humility and actively seeking opportunities to serve our broader community. This year’s recipient is Ashleigh Townsend.

Barnabas Servant Leadership Award

Barnabas in the Bible was a gracious personality, characterized by his generous
disposition. This award goes to the student who has made the greatest impact through her service to others during her high school career. She has accumulated over 500 hours of community service and is always seen as willing to help with a smile on her face. We are thankful for the impact she has made on the Cypress Christian School community. This year’s award goes to Kayna Betz.

Academic Awards

AP Scholars

Students who have scored a 3 or higher on three or more AP exams.

Kayna Betz, Brandon Fivecoat, Lydia Gwyn, Matthew Lee, Bria Lloyd, Reagan Lubs, Jacob Lukaszewski, Camden Maxey, Macy Murray, Robby Mynes, Isabella Navarro, Makena Pham, J.D. Potts, Daniel Pua, Kynsie Ramirez, Oliver Ranson, Alex Slabic, Emersyn Smith, Sophia Swanton, Mariana Van Dyk, Thomas Walsh, Owen Witschonke

AP Scholars with Honors

Students who have scored a 3 or higher on four or more AP exams.


Drew Mestayer, Sarah Olenick, Brittany Patterson, Will Simcik, Luke Wisenbaker

AP Scholars with Distinction

Students who averaged a minimum of 3.5 on all their AP exams and scored 3
or more on at least five of these exams.

Keaton Barbisch, Madison Fowler, Ben Hensley, Judah Kelly, Miles Martin, Marko Micic, Andrew Owen, Verena Shatby, Riley Stephens, Brayden Stovall, Dillon Wolff, Camille Zemke

Bible Department Award (Mr. Will Albers)

The Bible department award is somewhat unique in that we seek to recognize those who are not only excellent students when it comes to learning God’s Word but who also actively seek to put these things into practice, thereby exemplifying the traits of a Christian disciple both in and outside of the classroom. We are blessed to have many excellent candidates, but the following two students have distinguished themselves from their peers this year.
While attaining biblical knowledge is far from an unimportant element of our
curriculum, Scripture makes it abundantly clear that our Lord values the doing of his word far more highly than the mere hearing. In few students is this exemplified more than in Maddy McKnight. Not only does Maddy put consistent time and effort into reading and understanding God’s word, in and outside of the classroom, but her interactions with her fellow students display the fruit of the Spirit and embody the exhortation of 2 Peter 1:5-7, which tells us to “make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge; and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control, perseverance; and to perseverance, godliness; and to godliness, mutual affection; and to mutual affection, love.” She is a joy to have in the classroom and a worthy recipient of this award. Congratulations, Maddy!

There are many challenges that come with coming to a new school and often a new student will – understandably – need others to pour into them before being ready to pour into others. This has not been the case for Will Werlein. Will has been a positive force from the first day he set foot on campus. In the classroom, he is studious, thoughtful, and eager to engage with what Scripture has to say. Not only does he ask excellent questions, but, more impressively, he thinks deeply about the answers and their implications for life. And more importantly still, Will takes what he knows and puts it into practice by loving God and loving his neighbor. The verse that comes to mind to describe Will is Galatians 5:6, which tells us that the only thing that matters is “faith working through love.” This work of the Holy Spirit is evident in his life, and he is well-deserving of this award. Congratulations, Will!

English Department Award (Mrs. Donna Lambert)

The recipient of the academic award in English is a student who consistently
demonstrates a keen ability to discern and develop critical analyses of complex reading passages while simultaneously refining a writing style that is reflective and reasoned. In addition, this student excels in class discussions, often leading peers to challenge their own perspectives on both historical and current events as well as classic literature. This student dependably exhibits mastery through investigation, composition, and deliberation. We have two students who are receiving our English award this year. First, we would like to present Keaton Barbisch with our end-of-year achievement award. In the last two years, Keaton has successfully completed: AP Language, AP Literature, AP Seminar, and AP Research. In the opening Act of Henry IV “Part 1,” the young and foolish Prince Hal confesses that he will “imitate the sun” and he will allow the clouds full of “foul and ugly mists” to cover his natural capacities. Subsequently, Prince Hal befriends lowly commoners, petty thieves, and a cowardly “horse-back breaker”.
While Prince Hal does eventually reform, it is without question that Keaton has chosen a different academic strategy; he has “charged unto the breach”, semester after semester, continually challenging himself to maximize the gifts God has provided to him. In true obedience to the Parable of the Talents, Keaton has taken what he was given, and he has consciously decided to develop his blessing. Keaton led the classroom with his diligence and participation; he worked to advance his writing to levels of maturity and sophistication beyond his years; in short, he cooked. Congratulations, Keaton.

The next student we want to acknowledge is Maddy McKnight. For any teacher, the moment when a student truly gets it and that level of complex  understanding and application flashes across her face with brightened eyes and a gasp of wonderment, it is the most amazing experience. This was every day in my 7th period English class with Maddy. From the first week of school, her passion and hunger for writing and reading has only matured, and I love watching her face as the dots connect and she realizes the intentionality of a literary character or suddenly discovers a theme within a piece of literature. Watching Maddy own her knowledge is powerful. Class discussions with Maddy often go something like this…”I see the motif of appearance vs reality
developing through … (and most students would stop here – not Maddy). She
elaborates with something like “not only that, but this character also exposes a
personal truth which I appreciate because… and again later in the novel when he…his internal conflict reveals a weakness which later becomes his strength within the resolution of the plot… Additionally, Maddy possesses the spiritual maturity to hold God’s Word as a standard to any literary theme. According to Maddy, there is always something to learn when we read, and I love that about her. Tonight, it is my greatest joy to celebrate Maddy who most certainly deserves our end-of-year English award.

History Department Award (Dr. Antonio Morales)

The social studies award is awarded to students who have excelled throughout the year in the field of social studies. The two individuals are receiving this award because they have demonstrated a complex understanding of the historical development that is necessary to explain the relevant and insightful connections within and across periods. Congratulations Lilah Johnson and Allison Zaccari.

Foreign Language Department Award (Mrs. Kelly Galbreath)

The Spanish award is given to one upperclassman and one underclassman student that has demonstrated a desire to become not only proficient in the language but endeavors to be completely bilingual. The motivation to learn about culture: the people, their practices, and the products, of Spanish speaking communities throughout the world is evident. These students have a willingness to take risks and learn from failure, understanding that the objective is communication with others rather than perfect grammatical accuracy or perfect test scores. The upperclassman award goes to a young man in AP Spanish IV. Among the topics that we have studied this year are global challenges, the effect of language and culture on one’s identity, and current advances and pitfalls in science and technology. This student not only looks at the surface level of these issues but rather delves deep into the why, the how,
the origin and possible solutions to the challenges presented and consistently does so through a Biblical worldview. He is well spoken, although sometimes we have to ask him to slow down so that everyone can keep up, and he is an excellent writer of persuasive essays. Although a native Spanish speaker, he has a teachable spirit and a desire to learn and grow in his knowledge of Spanish language and culture. Most importantly, he has compassion for others and is able to use both his language ability and relationship with Christ to minister to those in need. I myself have been a recipient of his encouragement and I am proud to give the upperclassman award to David Romero

The second award is being given to a sophomore in Spanish III Honors. The very first day of class this young lady walked into the room speaking Spanish to me and her friends, which for a language teacher, was like music to my ears. Spanish is not an easy class, as most of you know, but this student is an extremely hard worker, spending hours to master and perfect vocabulary and grammar concepts in pursuit of becoming fluent. She has an inquisitive nature and desire to truly learn and use Spanish in everyday situations. She always gives her best effort, and it has been rewarding to see her enthusiasm and confidence in the language grow throughout the year. Her love for Jesus and others is evident in her words and actions. Even when she is tired and frustrated, she puts a smile on her face and has a kind word for others. She is already making an impact on those around her, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this year’s underclassman award recipient, Sophie Fransen.

Math Department Award (Mrs. Amanda Mellor)

The math award recipients are not merely solvers of equations or memorizers of
formulas but true enthusiasts who thrive on the beauty and elegance of mathematics. These students have demonstrated an exceptional aptitude in math and an eagerness to delve into challenging problems and explore advanced topics independently. Additionally, these students are always willing to assist others to understand difficult concepts and foster a collaborative spirit among their peers. Finally, both students exhibit perseverance and resilience in the face of challenges. They view setbacks as opportunities for growth and always seem even more motivated to learn and improve. The recipients of this year’s math award are Audrey Fransen and Zak Wright.

Science Department Award (Dr. Lisa Longridge)

Criteria for High School Science – Outstanding Student

  • Demonstrates persistence and diligence in the science classroom.
  • Consistently turns in all assignments with excellence.
  • Demonstrates an active interest in applied science.
  • Demonstrates leadership in the science classroom.
  • Initiates individual science projects or demonstrates interest in going beyond the regular classroom activities and assignments.

Verena Shatby has earned the recognition and respect of her science teachers over her high school years for her consistent engagement and enthusiasm for the subject. Each day, she comes into class eager to learn and apply difficult concepts. She pursues every task, whether mundane or monumental, with excellence. Her humble spirit puts everyone at ease, and she is encouraging to others around her. She has shown yourself to be worthy of this recognition due to her diligence and consistent hard work. In addition, she is a light in this world, and I encourage her to never be ashamed of her knowledge, wisdom and faith in God. I know the Lord has great things in store for her, may He richly bless her as she pursues her goals beyond CCS and wherever her academic path takes her.

Cailea Chalton has consistently exhibited an unwavering pursuit of knowledge and
the ability to apply this knowledge to problem solving in the science classroom. She took special care to go above and beyond the usual assignments, challenging herself to go the extra mile to ensure understanding. Her efforts have not gone unnoticed, and her teachers want to recognize her perseverance and willingness to work hard. 

My prayer for both of you is that you will continue to grow in knowledge and wisdom. The verse that comes to mind is Proverbs 18:15 – The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Both of you have proven yourselves to be wise in always wanting to learn and listening closely to gain knowledge. On behalf of the science faculty at CCS, thank you both for your excellent work this year, and congratulations!

STEM Award (Dr. Chris Witschonke)

The student selected has taken at least three STEM courses between the disciplines of engineering and computer science. During their time in these courses the student has shown themselves to be a critical thinker, a problem solver, and a team player. They enjoy tackling difficult problems and look for a variety of innovative solutions rather than settling on the first idea most others see. Perhaps most importantly, they seek to use their gifts and talents in this area to honor their Heavenly Father. This year’s recipient is Andrew Owen.

Fine Arts Awards

Fine Arts Department Award (Mrs. Kiley Harris)

Our first fine arts award recipient this evening is Micah Humphrey. Micah joined the Cypress Christian family only this year and has made himself an integral part of what makes CCS Performing Arts culture so special. Last year before enrolling at Cypress Christian, he was the drummer in the CCS worship band, City on a Hill. Micah has now served as the drummer for City on a Hill for two consecutive years. This year Micah has expanded his God-given talents through his work as a leader in the CCS Chamber Choir. He is quick to understand musical concepts and apply them, his appetite for music insatiable. He has joined the strings ensemble and yielded his talents as a cellist. And furthermore, this year Micah auditioned and was cast at the lead role of Beast in the CCS spring musical, Beauty and the Beast. Micah consistently shows up to each class and rehearsal fully prepared. He has excelled in reading music and helped lead his choral section to receive the highest ranking in TAPPS State Sight-Reading contest. Through newly found acting skills, Micah wowed audiences with his portrayal of Disney’s Beast. Micah enters rehearsal each day with a positive attitude, open and eager to learn and lead. He has managed to excel in all these areas this year while balancing a strenuous athlete’s and church leadership team’s schedule. When getting to know Micah, one quickly sees his love for the Lord and his passion to serve Him. We cannot wait to see what Micah does next year as a senior leader on campus. Congratulations, Micah! You are truly a beast in the best sense of the word, and we honor you tonight for your strength, courage, faith, and for saying “yes” when God calls.

This year’s second recipient for the Fine Arts Department Award is Delaney Wimsatt. Delaney has created some extraordinary pieces this year while building her AP art portfolio. She exhibits a detailed focus on craftsmanship and outside-the-box creativity through these works. Several of her pieces have been displayed throughout the year to serve as an inspiration for her fellow artists as well as
to reflect the high standards of the CCS Art Department. Delaney is an active member of the National Art Honor Society and was an integral part of helping set up artwork this year at TAPPS. She earned recognition at TAPPS by placing at the State competition in both the seek and sketch and Painting categories. Congratulations, Delaney, on making such a strong impact this year in the fine arts department. Your talent and tenacity are an inspiration to your peers and teachers. It will be exciting to see how God uses your artistic talents in the future.

And finally, we honor Ashleigh Townsend for her excellence and leadership in
the CCS Performing Arts. Ashleigh has been involved in the fine arts since her arrival to CCS her freshman year and has been a star performer and mentor within both the choir and theatre programs. This year, Ashleigh has helped to organize the CCS chapel worship team, is a second-year member of City on a Hill, a member of the CCS Chamber Choir, and has been involved as an actress for every theatre arts main stage performance for the last four years. Ashleigh has made herself an integral part of every production at CCS and this year was cast as BELLE in Beauty and the Beast. Ashleigh has served as the president for the International Thespian Society on campus for the last year, and as a senior, she has the drive,  determination, and passion for everything that she puts her mind to, with a
stamina that rivals that of many adults. Ashleigh was elected this year by her peers to serve as CCS Choir’s Vice-President. Her ability to plan, problem solve and vision-cast make her a natural leader amongst her peers in choir, and with her  enthusiasm in each rehearsal, Ashleigh brings her fellow choir members together, uniting them in each task at hand with joy and boundless energy. Ashleigh has shown what it means to lead courageously and guide her fellow students in their walks as singers, actors, performers and, most importantly, believers in Christ. She has been a part of fostering success in every organization that she has been a part of for the past four years. Ashleigh has made her mark on the Fine Arts program at CCS, and we cannot wait to see the impact that she makes on her community, university, and her generation. Congratulations, Ms. Townsend!

TAPPS Orchestra & Vocal Award (Dr. Mary Layton & Mrs. Amber Ward)

Students who played a duet at this year’s TAPPS Solo & Ensemble Competition while
earning the highest rating of Division 1 Superior are:

  • Lydia Duphorne – violin
  • Micah Humphrey – cello

Students who sang a solo at the most challenging level at this year’s TAPPS Solo and Ensemble Competition while earning the highest rating of Superior Division 1, thus receiving the State Honors Award, are:

  • Pepper Eichelberger
  • Rayne Harris
  • Emily Muse
  • Madison Mynes
  • Caleb Poirrier
  • Ashleigh Townsend
  • Camille Zemke

TAPPS Academic Team (Mrs. Amanda Mellor)

We would like to recognize the Academic Team State Runner-Up in Spanish – David Romero.

TAPPS Art & Photography Awards (Mrs. Marilyn Eichelberger & Ms. Rachael Lechman)

This was Mrs. Eichelberger’s first year teaching art in Texas. Her students really embraced her with open arms and helped her navigate through TAPPS spring. She is so proud of their successes! We honor the following students who excelled this year in Waco.

  • Cailea Chalton – State Runner Up – On-Site Drawing
  • Brelyn Runge – State Runner Up – Applied/Industrial Art
  • Caden Clinton – 3rd Place – Sculpture

Cypress Christian School photographers exhibited their talent and skill in the 2023
TAPPS Photo Contest. In the 4A division, our photographers earned 11 student awards – one first place, two second place and eight honorable mention awards. On a special note, in the 4A Animal category, CCS was awarded 50% of the awards. We are so proud of all the photos that were submitted for the contest and are already thinking about our entries for next year.


  • Cailea Chalton – 2nd Place (Madikwe Lions)
  • Kayla Barfoot – Honorable Mention (Yellowstone Bison)
  • Keaon Chalton – Honorable Mention (Untitled)
  • Hank Yeates – Honorable Mention (The Bug)

Landscape/ Scenic

  • Kayla Barfoot – Honorable Mention (Majestic Mountains)
  • Colton Beckman – Honorable Mention (Alaska Dog Sled)
  • Keaon Chalton – Honorable Mention (Tswalu Landscape)

Sports 4A

  • Jackson Gibb – State Champion (Tunnel Vision)

Student Life 4A

  • Tatum Webb – State Runner-Up (Reading Time)
  • Allison Exum – Honorable Mention (Homecoming Confetti Celebration)

Waterscapes 4A

  • Jackson Gibb – Honorable Mention (Arctic Freeze)

TAPPS Theatre & Speech Awards (Mrs. Kiley Harris)

We would like to recognize the Theater and Speech Meet State Champions and Runners-Up.

TAPPS One Act Play State:

  • All-Star Cast Members: Rayne Harris, Robby Mynes, Nicole Santos
  • All-Star Technicians: Jackson Broussard, Caden Kreitz
  • Honorable Mention Cast: Ester Torres-Pinheiro

Speech Meet State Champion:

  • David Romero – Prose Interpretation

Speech Meet State Runner-Up:

  • Annie Burgos – State Runner-Up – Original Oratory
  • Avery Connelly – State Runner-Up – Solo Acting
  • Rayne Harris – Third Place – Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Athletic Awards

Valiant Warrior Award

We gather to celebrate the culmination of another remarkable athletic season and
have the distinct honor of recognizing one of our own for her exceptional contributions both on and off the field. The Valiant Warrior is the highest Athletic Award given at Cypress Christian School. This award is given to a senior who exhibits “Excellence in Athletics, Leadership, Determination, Sportsmanship, Christian Character, Academic Achievement and Integrity” while participating in sports at CCS. The female recipient this year began her journey as a Warrior in Kindergarten, where she first demonstrated her unwavering dedication to excellence. Over the years, she has become an integral part of our school community,  participating in a multitude of activities, most notably being the greatest powder puff quarterback that CCS has ever seen. In all seriousness, she has garnered a plethora of TAPPS accolades. She has received First Team All-District honors eight times, Honorable Mention All-State two times, Second Team All-State two times, First Team All-State four times, softball All-State Tournament Team two times, softball TAPPS Division III District MVP two times and named “Team MVP” eight times. She led her softball team to the Final Four all four years of high school and the school’s first State Championship title in 2023.
This year, she helped lead her team to the State  Championship game again,
where the Warriors finished as State Runner-Up. In both basketball and softball, it is obvious that her prowess knows no bounds. Year after year, she has garnered recognition from opponents and fans, showcasing her exceptional talent and unwavering commitment to greatness. Yet, it is not merely her athletic prowess that sets her apart, but her remarkable character and selfless leadership. Her calming presence and steady guidance have been a source of strength for her teammates, especially in moments of adversity. Her ability to lead by example, with a heart full of compassion and humility, has earned her the respect and admiration of all who know her. As captain of both the basketball and softball teams, she has not only led her teammates on the field and court but has also served as a beacon of inspiration and support to those around her. Her selflessness extends far beyond the confines of the sports arena. Her willingness to go the extra mile, quite literally, by taking underclassmen home from practice and games, picking teammates up for church, carrying equipment and cleaning the bus after every road trip exemplifies her servant’s heart and unwavering commitment to caring for others. Whether on the field or in the community, her acts of kindness and generosity leave an indelible mark on all who are fortunate enough to cross her path.
As we honor her as the Valiant Warrior, let us celebrate her remarkable athletic achievements, extraordinary character, and servant leadership. She embodies the very essence of what our portrait of a Cypress Christian School athlete is, demonstrating integrity, compassion and selflessness in all that she does. Your legacy will continue to inspire generations to come, and we are immensely proud to call you one of our own. It is a great honor to present this year’s female Valiant Warrior Award to #5, Miss Sarah Olenick.

Valiant Warrior Award

The young man selected for our Valiant Warrior Award personifies the description of this award. From an athletic standpoint, part of exhibiting excellence for this award is both being a multi-sport athlete and demonstrating a consistent level of performance that contributes in a big way to the success of each sport. He has always made a significant impact in all his varsity sports, even in some cases, at the State level. He was a four-year track athlete; on two teams that won district championships and was a regional qualifier one year and a state qualifier his senior year. In basketball throughout his career, he earned — Second Team All-District two years and First Team All-District Honors two of his four years. As a junior and senior, he was named CCS’s Outstanding Offensive Player for varsity basketball, was First Team All-District and earned the team MVP award. In football, his sophomore year, he was selected for the District Newcomer Award. As a junior, he was selected as the District Defensive MVP. Ultimately, in his varsity football career, he was a three-year varsity starter and a three-year All-State selection, played in three State Championship games in four years and during that run, was on a State Championship winning team. Besides being a big contributor in each of his sports, he was a multi-season Academic All-State selection. That is when a student is a First Team All-District selection while maintaining all A’s academically, for that respective season. While this is an impressive athletic resume, the most impressive thing about this young man is his Christian character, which has never been questioned by any of his teammates, faculty or a coach, on the CCS campus, and for good reason. This young man is the walking personification of integrity. At no time has he ever as a Warrior, nor would he misrepresent his school, his parents or the Lord Jesus Christ, either in word or deed. Regardless of the situation in any athletic contest. If I had to narrow it down, perhaps this young man’s number one attribute across all areas is his ability to have consistent performance. You know what you are going to get every game. The ability to be in the right place at the right time and execute, over and over and over throughout his career, from preseason installs to the State Championship games, his teammates and coaches can attest to that consistency of performance, it’s a reliability factor that gives everyone associated with him confidence, and part of being a great teammate, is making those around you better. This consistency is present in his Christian walk, in the hallways, in the locker room, in practice, and on game day. In other words, he led by example. This award is given to a senior who exhibits Excellence in Athletics, Leadership, Determination, Sportsmanship, Christian Character, Academic Achievement and Integrity while participating in sports at CCS. I think you can see that this year’s recipient clearly exhibits each of these characteristics and, by virtue of being a three-sport athlete, did so without ever having the luxury of an “off-season”! He represents the kind of graduate profile that everyone associated with CCS can be proud of. He is the 2023/2024 Valiant Warrior Award recipient…He is: Owen Witschonke.

TAPPS Academic All-State Athletes

The qualifications for Academic All-State for team sports are to be a junior or senior who made the first or second All-District team with a 3.5 or better GPA. For individual sports, the qualifications are to be a junior or senior who qualifies for the state tournament as an individual, a relay team member or a medalist with a 3.5 or better GPA.


  • William Ellisor – Football
  • Ryan Fisk – Football
  • Cooper Griess – Football, Soccer
  • Drew Mestayer – Football, Baseball
  • Andrew Owen – Football, Track & Field
  • JD Potts – Football, Golf
  • Jacob Rauch – Football, Track & Field
  • Xaiver Sanchez – Football
  • Brayden Stovall – Football, Soccer
  • Maximus Supplee – Football, Basketball
  • Beckett Swinney – Football, Baseball
  • Owen Witschonke – Football, Basketball, Track & Field
  • Kolton Kurek – Basketball
  • Daniel Pua – Basketball
  • Johnathon Quarles – Basketball
  • Zachary Burns – Soccer
  • Matthew Storey – Soccer
  • Reagan Lubs – Swim
  • Will Simcik – Swim
  • Jacob Lukaszewski – Baseball
  • Gavin Gray – Baseball
  • Grayson Petru – Golf
  • Parker Hirth – Track & Field
  • Dominic Locandro – Track & Field
  • Adler Smith – Track & Field


  • Melody Janz – Volleyball, Softball
  • Claire Johnson – Cheer, Golf
  • Evie Greenberg – Cheer
  • Alex Slabic – Cheer
  • Ester Torres – Dance
  • Aleah Dziubarczyk -Basketball
  • Sarah Olenick – Basketball, Softball
  • Nya Graves – Basketball
  • Emersyn Smith – Basketball
  • Sophia Wanic – Basketball
  • Emily Erwin – Soccer
  • Verena Shatby – Soccer
  • Anna Smith – Soccer
  • Delany Wimsatt – Soccer
  • Katie Schmitt – Swim
  • Jadie Weatherly – Swim, Track & Field
  • Megan Smith – Softball
  • Kennedy Schwartz – Softball
  • Lindsey Brashier – Golf
  • Camden Maxey – Golf
  • Paige Petru – Golf
  • Makena Pham – Golf
  • Skylar Davis – Track & Field
  • Nicole Santos – Track & Field
  • Sophia Swanton – Track & Field
  • Maddie Talkington – Track & Field
  • Mariana Van Dyk – Track & Field

TAPPS All-State Athletes



  • Zeke Hogan – First Team Offense
  • John Kelly – First Team Offense
  • Jacob Rauch – Second Team Offense, Second Team Defense
  • Andrew Owen – Second Team Offense, Second Team Defense
  • Brody Johnson – Second Team Offense
  • Drew Mestayer – Honorable Mention Offense, Honorable Mention Defense
  • Warren Haudek – Honorable Mention Offense
  • Maximus Supplee – First Team Defense
  • Owen Witschonke – First Team Defense
  • J.D. Potts – Second Team Defense
  • Cooper Griess – Honorable Mention Defense


  • Zachary Burns – Second Team Midfield
  • Cooper Griess – Honorable Mention-Offense
  • Ayden Arasin – Honorable Mention-Defense
  • Noah Schwartz – Honorable Mention-Keeper

Track & Field

  • Tucker Goodall – Honorable Mention
  • Adler Smith – First Team
  • Gavin Snyder – First Team
  • Jacob Rauch – Honorable Mention


  • Grayson Petru – First Team


  • Jacob Lukaszewski -First Team and All-State Tournament Team
  • Drew Mestayer-First Team
  • Brandon Williams-Second Team
  • Beckett Swinney-Second Team and All-State Tournament Team
  • Jaxson Dotson-All-State Tournament Team



  • Melody Janz – Honorable Mention


  • Claire Johnson – First Team
  • Evie Greenberg – First Team
  • Alex Slabic – Second Team
  • Rachel Czagas – Honorable Mention


  • Ester Torres – First Team
  • Allison Zaccari – First Team


  • Aleah Dziubarczyk – Second Team
  • Sarah Olenick – Second Team


  • Verena Shatby – Second Team Midfield
  • Anna Smith – Second Team Defense
  • Adelaide Roberts – Honorable Mention Offense
  • Emily Erwin- Honorable Mention Keeper

Track & Field

  • Kyra Davis – Second Team
  • Skylar Davis – Honorable Mention
  • Nicole Santos – First Team
  • Sophia Swanton – Second Team
  • Maddie Talkington – Second Team
  • Mariana Van Dyk – Second Team
  • Jadie Weatherly – Honorable Mention Softball
  • Sarah Olenick-First Team and All-State Tournament Team
  • Audrey Petrowski-First Team and All-State Tournament Team
  • Megan Smith-First Team and All-State Tournament Team
  • KK Smith-First Team and All-State Tournament Team
  • Katelyn Bienko-Second Team
  • Corrine Keim-Honorable Mention

Multi-Sport Athlete Award

The multi-sport athlete award is given to those seniors who have played 2 or more
sports each year for at least three years of high school, including their senior year.

Three Sport Athletes

  • Cooper Griess – Football, Soccer, Track & Field
  • Owen Witschonke – Football, Basketball, Track & Field

Two Sport Athletes

  • Ayden Farrell – Cross Country, Swim
  • Ben Hensley – Cross Country, Track & Field
  • Parker Hirth – Cross Country, Track & Field
  • Claire Johnson – Cheer, Golf
  • Drew Mestayer – Football, Baseball
  • Sarah Olenick – Basketball, Softball
  • Andrew Owen – Football, Track & Field
  • Makena Pham – Cheer, Golf
  • J.D. Potts – Football, Golf
  • Oliver Ranson – Football, Soccer
  • Jacob Rauch – Football, Track & Field
  • Will Simcik – Football, Swim
  • Braydon Stovall – Football, Soccer
  • Sophia Swanton – Cheer, Track & Field
  • Mariana Van Dyk – Volleyball, Track & Field
  • Luke Wisenbaker – Football, Basketball


Due to widespread power outages and potential safety issues, school is CLOSED, and all activities are CANCELED tomorrow, Friday, May 17.

School will reopen on Monday, May 20. Updates will be sent by text and email, as needed. Please stay safe!