K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX


Elementary students visit the Computer Lab twice each week for 30 minutes each visit. Each student in 1st-5th grades has his or her own username and password, which allows them to access any computer on campus and gives them the ability to access Office 365 offsite.

Throughout the year, students learn keyboarding skills at grade-appropriate levels. CCS utilizes online keyboarding programs which track each individual student’s progress, and thus, the lessons are differentiated to meet each student’s needs.

The focus here at CCS is for students to leave Elementary proficient and beginning to master skills in word processing, spreadsheets and slide presentations. To accomplish this goal, our campus uses Microsoft Office products through the desktop and cloud.

The technology teacher collaborates with the classroom teachers to develop and design projects in which students can apply knowledge they are learning in the classroom and combine it with the skills in the lab.

To support STEM activities at the elementary level, students problem solve collaboratively with hands-on activities, then apply those skills to code with programs such as Code.org.