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2022 Next Step Breakfast

2022 Next Step Breakfast

Cypress Christian School held the annual Next Step Breakfast on Thursday April 28, in the CCS East Gym. This event supports our Warrior Fund that provides resources for tuition assistance, academic enhancements, facility improvements, technology upgrades and more.

The attendees were welcomed by Director of Advancement, Craig Soudelier. Board President, Lyle Williams, opened the morning in prayer. Guests were blessed and entertained first with singing by third-grade choir students and then by the Ensemble reprising a song from the Theatre Department's recent performance of The Little Mermaid. Students performed under the direction of Elementary Music Teacher, Tania Overton.

This year’s event featured a new video narrated by CCS alumnus Daniel Rodriguez (’11), Morgan Groll (’13), Jason Groll (’12) and Kelsey Suter (’11). Each of the alumni described the success they have achieved in higher education and in their career, providing proof our mission of Academic Excellence and Biblical Values is still strong 10 plus years post-graduation.

Dr. Jeff Potts followed the impactful video with a validation of continued success the school was enjoying. Statistic upon statistic proving the mission was continuing to allow our students to glorify God. Dr. Pott’s remarked that ‘no other milestone was more important than the 21 students who accepted Christ on our campus this year.’

Coach Kris Hogan delivered our keynote speech to a captivated audience. He spoke about the importance of ‘capital’ to a mission. Specifically noting he was not speaking of the capital many have come to expect to hear about at a fundraising breakfast, but 'human capital'. Using recent and historical narratives, Coach Hogan supported the premise that you cannot get the ‘right results with the wrong people’. The importance today of building Kingdom leaders and casting them out into society is our most important task at hand.

The event was highly attended and a huge success. Guests commented that they enjoyed the fellowship and were very thankful they attended. The generous support of our Warrior Fund and its importance in building kingdom leaders is greatly appreciated.

I Am A Warrior 2022

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