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2018 Next Step Breakfast

The annual Next Step Fundraising Breakfast was held on campus Thursday, April 26, 2018. Each year, guests are invited to hear how Cypress Christian School impacts the lives of students and how their financial support can help continue the mission of the school.

The third-grade choir, under direction of Elementary Music Teacher, Tania Overton, performed two songs focusing on the names and character of the Lord. Executive Director Stephen Novotny spoke of the heritage of faith upon which this nation was founded and how CCS continues to hold fast to that heritage in a culture that bends to whims of what is right and wrong.

A highlight of the morning was the debut of the latest I am a Warrior video featuring the Murray, Webb and Wax families.

To bring the prospective of a student, senior William Swan shared his story of moving from the foster care system, to adoption, to senior year at CCS. His powerful testimony of God’s transformation of his life included special recognition to his mother, Christine, high school math teacher, Mrs. Andrews, and Elementary Receptionist, Mrs. Nealy.

Dr. Steve Bezner, CCS parent of a sophomore and eighth grader, spoke about the encouragement and sense of self his oldest son found when he became a student at CCS.

The breakfast is always a wonderful time to hear how the Lord is moving through the work of faculty, staff and students at CCS.

We are so grateful to all who attended and to everyone who gave so generously. These contributions allow us to maintain and improve academic excellence at CCS.

Thank you!


I Am A Warrior 2018

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