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Next Step

2023 Next Step Breakfast

Cypress Christian School's annual Next Step Fundraising Breakfast took place on April 25, 2023, inviting guests to learn about the positive impact the school has on students' lives and how their financial support can help sustain the school's mission. Mike Slabic, CCS Board Chairman, welcomed the attendees, reminding them of the school's 45-year history and the foundation built by those who came before. Emily Muse, a CCS sophomore, gave a beautiful blessing to open the event, setting a tone of gratitude and reflection.

The event included musical performances by the third-grade choir, directed by Elementary Music Teacher Tania Overton, and the Chamber Choir, directed by Amber Ward. The choirs' performances reminded attendees of God's promise of salvation and captivated the audience with their beautiful harmonies.

2007 CCS alumna Keeley Lambert Jones shared her powerful testimony of how the school provided her with a strong foundation in truth and faith, allowing her to thrive in mission work in Los Angeles and New York. Despite being thrown into a world that was the opposite of what she had known at CCS, Keeley proclaimed her strength and the importance of surrounding herself with others deeply pursuing God. She introduced a new I am a Warrior video showcasing past years' videos that highlighted the school's faithfulness to its mission.

Dr. Jeff Potts followed the impactful video with a validation of the continued success the school was enjoying. Dr. Potts stressed the importance of educating the youngest generation in biblical values while achieving academic excellence, noting that there had never been a more critical time in history to do so. He acknowledged the hard work of the faculty, staff and students that contribute to the school's continued success.

Coach Kris Hogan delivered the keynote speech, emphasizing the importance of Christian education, particularly in a time where popular culture can only be described as hostile. Coach Hogan expressed his gratitude for Christian education more than ever before. He closed with a powerful reminder that God doesn't use everyone, but He always uses the right ones. The school's calling, he stated, is to build up the right ones.

The breakfast was a wonderful opportunity for attendees to learn about the school's work and contributions. Cypress Christian School is grateful for the attendees' generous support, which helps maintain and improve academic excellence. If you were unable to attend but still wish to contribute, please contact Craig Soudelier to receive a video copy of the program and a pledge card.

Thank you to all who attended and gave generously.

I Am A Warrior 2023

Cypress Christian School is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations to CCS are tax deductible minus the value of any goods received as allowed by law. You will receive a receipt for all donations.