Warrior Fund

Warrior Fund Goal: $400,000

Cypress Christian School's Warrior Fund is used to supplement tuition dollars and provide resources for improvements to school programming and facilities. As our school has been entrusted with increased student enrollment, we continue to take intentional steps to serve our families and our community with excellence.

The growth of Cypress Christian is truly a blessing for everyone at our school, as well as those in our community. God's gift of additional students each year compels us to plan for the future.

Your contribution funds a variety of projects that ultimately support master planning efforts. Some of the projects planned for the 2013-2014 school year include:

  •     Classroom Technology Upgrades
  •     Additional Electronic Gating
  •     Campus Safety and Security Upgrades
  •     Relocation and New Construction of the Softball Field
  •     Elementary Play Area Improvements
  •     Multi-Use Facility Improvements
  •     Master Planning (Pre-Construction Requirements)
  •     Schoolwide Academic Programming
  •     Landscaping / Campus Beautification
  •     Teachers' Professional Development Fund
  •     Benevolence Scholarship Funding
  •     Tuition Assistance

Projects will be completed based upon funding and current needs.

2012-2013 Warrior Fund Projects

Annual Fund dollars from the 2012-2013 school year were used to enhance our campus and programs including the addition of: 1) Covered Walkways; 2) Document Readers for Elementary; 3) a Weight Room under Grandstands; 4) Remodel of White House; 5) Addition of Secondary Classrooms and Staff Offices; 6) Mobile Computer Labs; 7) Relocation of Secondary Art Room to Secondary A Building near other Fine Arts rooms; 8) Remodel/Upgrade of Locker Rooms in Field House to include a Girls' Locker Room, MS Locker Room, Additional Restrooms and a Training Room and Remodel of Gym Locker Rooms 9) Creation of Additional  Parking Areas; 10) Security Lighting for Parking Areas; 11) Purchase of a Mini-Bus for Smaller Groups; 12) Fencing Along Warrior Way Athletic Complex; 13) Additional Outdoor and Hallway PA expansion; 14) Teachers' Professional Development Fund; and 16) Funding for Master Planning Studies to prepare for future growth in the student enrollment.

Warrior Fund 2012-2012 - Paving The Way

Cypress Christian continues to grow in both capacity to serve and the number of students that we serve. We are looking to the future as we prepare for the students that God continues to bring to our school. Each year our Annual Fund is used to offset tuition dollars and make improvements throughout the school. We have several projects in the planning stages for this school year.

This past year we used a portion of our Annual Fund dollars to begin the process of looking at the long term plan for Cypress Christian School. Our Christ-centered K-12 community on the corner is what makes us special, and we do not want to lose that; but we do want to be prepared for the growth that God continues to bless us with. A portion of this year’s Annual Fund dollars will be used to continue our master planning efforts and prepare for the next steps in that process.  More details including information about our recently completed projects will be available soon.

Completed Annual Fund Projects

  • Electronic Sign on Jones Road
  • Technology upgrades in elementary (Run-4-Fun)
  • New wall padding in gym
  • Purchase of additional classroom furniture
  • Benevolence and scholarship funding
  • Professional development for faculty and staff

Current Annual Fund Projects

  • Updating the Multi Use Facility Sound System for chapels and other performances
  • Improving outdoor and security lighting for the Warrior Way parking area
  • Upgrading the fencing & gating for our athletic fields,
  • Commissioning master planning for future physical plant expansion needs
  • Constructing covered area for elementary recess and after school athletic use
  • Providing finances needed for benevolence assistance programs
  • Raising funds for professional development opportunities for teachers

Warrior Fund 2010-2011

The 2010-2011 Warrior Fund raised just under $200,000 that was used for various projects around the CCS campus.

Warrior Fund 2009-2010 - Building our Future

Your donation of any amount is a demonstration of your support for the work God is doing in the lives of the many children who attend Cypress Christian School.

Total Donations: $145,138.12

Thanks to all who have given to the 2009-2010 Annual Fund to make the following project a reality!

You may have noticed some updates at Cypress Christian School during the last several weeks. We have installed new fencing and gates along our property to make our campus safer and to protect our facilities. This project, which was funded by donations to the Annual Fund, helps to distinguish our property as a school and to make parts of our property more usable for school activities. When completely finished, all five gates will contain interlocking C's.

Your support of the Annual Fund ensures the best academic and spiritual environment for each and every student.

While student tuition and fees provide for the school's basic financial requirements, gifts to the Annual Fund are critical for the advancement of the school as a whole.

Past Annual Fund Donations Provided:

  • Academic Program Advancements
  • Computer/Technology Upgrades
  • Faculty and Staff Professional Development
  • Facility and Building Improvements
  • Campus Security Enhancements
  • Benevolence Fund and Tuition Assistance


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